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Viper Pilot, A Must Read!

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Just wanted to let people know about one of the best Fighter Pilot memoirs ever, "Viper Pilot" by Lt. Col. Dan Hampton (USAF ret.). I just started reading this book yesterday and am about half way throught it now, but I only had to read the first 10 pages to see what a great book it is. The Author was a Wild Weasel pilot in the F-16 for 20 years and his first hand accounts of flying in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Allied Force, and Operation Iraqi Freedom are some of the most interesting and intense I've ever read about. He adds colorful personal perceptions from different aspects of his military career that are also some of the best I've ever heard.


I highly recommend this book to Everyone! You will not be disappointed.


Here's a link to info on the book.



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Something interesting from the link, page 31::


"Fighter pilots are usually too busy to appreciate the miracle of flight, but it's always there and I've been under its spell from the beginning."


Over the years I noticed the same about pilot internet poastings and most pilot accounts (BUT NOT ALL) regarding *where* they fly and fight -- they don't talk much about where they fly and fight, up in the weather--atmosphere--air war environment--whatever you want to call it. Modeling the air war environment "up there" is what's needed to sell TheSims flying games to ground dwellers, pushing the pretty stuff of course, but to this day no TheSims developer has figured this out, and they pay the price for their failure.


Good read wart thanks!

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