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Wings over Europe beendet einfach

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Ich hab ein Problem immer wenn ich WOE Spiele und ESC drücke beendet das spiel einfach. Kann mir jemand helfen. Danke im vorraus

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Genauere Beschreibung!? ---> beendet einfach

In letzter Zeit i-welche neuen Mods installiert?

Patch level?

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Ich gehe mal davon aus, daß Windows Vista oder 7 als Betriebssystem verwendet wird. Da kann es auf manchen Systemen zu diesem Programmabbruch kommen. Auf meinem Laptop läuft WOE ohne Probleme, dafür zeigt FE das oben beschriebene Verhalten.

Da hilft nur SF2 welches für Vista etc geschrieben wurde.

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    • By JaneyBananey
      Howdy y'all!
      So, I installed Wings Over Europe via Steam, promptly updated it to the October 2008 patch, and fixed the stuttering by using the ENB patch for Skyrim (of all things). I also cribbed the DDraw.dll from the DgVoodoo install, which prevented the game crashing when pressing escape at the end of a mission. A couple of things to note here:
      - The renderer indicated in the options menu is not ENB, but my GPU still. Despite this, the game runs perfectly fine.
      - I turned the shadows down from Unlimited to High as I read on a forum post that this could help with z-fighting, but this did not solve the issue. I will turn it back up to Unlimited if it is all the same.
      - There are absolutely no other graphical issues in the sim what so ever, no matter the aircraft, time of day, or weather.
      The issue I am describing in the title appears like so in sim. I took three screenshots so you could see the way the dark boxes flicker on surfaces. It is not just aircraft, either, but also terrain. It seems to get culled in a circle as I turn my head with TrackIR:

      As you can see, my wingman gets periodically eaten by this weird black blob. I am at a loss as to how to fix it, and if it cannot be fixed, that's completely understandable given the Biblical age of the engine. Thanks in advance!
    • By Anshuman
      Where can i get a mod for Hal Tejas. any suggestion.
    • By Anshuman
      Can Anyone help me..?After installing Su-35 mod in WOE,i cant get the Russian Weapons like R-77,R-73 even if i v already installed latest weapon pack,this case only happens with su-35,but in Mig-35 or Mig-29 mod i can get Those Russian Weapons like R-27,R-77 ETC..
      Proyecto realizado para Santi Salum EVC008-HALCON del Escuadron Ñanco.
    • By Phasers
      Everytime I update WOE to the latest version properly with no install errors the game crashes everytime I end a mission. I've run the game in all compatiabilty modes, installed NATO Fighters or Desert Storm one at a time then with both installed. The culprit is usually the SingleMission.dll but I've also seen a DirectDraw.dll error. I Know it works on my system which is Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit with more than enough power to play. Has anyone else experienced this?

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