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Hello friends of combatace!


I installed the utility "Le missiomneur" , but i have a problem, it doesn't appear anything, i tried to do "Options - Instalations" and selecting the terrain that i want, but nothing :blink:


I will be very happy if anyone of you knows about this :beach:

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I tried using this program multiple times, it never worked for me either. I suggest getting SF2 and using the thirdwire mission editor it's much easier.

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When you select the terrain, is it a custom terrain or a standard terrain? If it is a custom terrain are your maps set at 521, 1024 and 2048? Are the maps nammed Planningmap1, Planningmap2, and Planningmap3?


Are you able to select the specific terrain on the main screen under General Informations by selecting the terrain in "Theater of Operations" drop down area?



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