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DCS World Forum/Knowledge Base?

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With the release of DCS World and the recent pre-order/beta acces to FC3, it appears that the LOMAC lifecycle has come full circle. With the transition of the franchise to DCSW and the modularity of the DCSW engine, I humbly propose a separate DCS forum and file section, separated along parallel lines from LOMAC much like Strike Fighters 1 vs SF2.


Along the same lines of the SF1/SF2 Knowledge Bases, I would also love to see a DCS Knowledge Base. Topics of which I have interest include:

  • Which BS1/FC2 mods are compatible with DCSW?
  • Are A-10C/BS2 standalone mods compatible with DCSW? If not, what needs to be done to convert them?
  • Which legacy skins are compatible with DCSW? This includes LOMAC/FC1 as well as FC2/BS1. What needs to be done to convert them to the Livery?
  • Mission Editor tips and techniques.
  • How to add LODs, and are there multiplayer issues?
  • How to convert BS1/FC2 missions to DCSW (FC2 missions are bugged in FC3, but this should be fixed for release).
  • Basic LUA scripting techniques (i.e. How do I fix a controller config file without having to clear category :angry: )

I would argue that a DCS Knowledge Base would be even more valuable than the SF series knowledge bases, since the community seems to be migrating in this direction, and because of limited activations the importance of not screwing up ones' install has become that much more prominent.


Your thoughts?

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I was going to do what you suggested a few months ago then but there just isn't enough files and traffic to separate the two. So keeping it all together is more logical. For now I will make a stickey for the for the KB.

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      There are 4 options to choose from on the Heatblur store only for now - Order at your own risk.
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      DCS Normandy 2 map released in early access, and discount on WWII fighter modules.

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