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I installed some add ons to my WOV to the latest patch. The weapons (ammo) worked perfectly and mysteriously I cant shoot to other planes.

Any suggestion?

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did you re-intialize the weaponsdata ini and gundata ini using the weapons editor and gun editor??? (meaning, add them in?)


are you wingmates, at mission start, giving you the radio message "i'm out of gun ammo'?


can you select the new weapons/guns with the 'next weapon' or 'next gun' button or keystroke? and do they fire or dorp?


in 1stGens, things don't just "drag and drop in", they MUST be added using (whichever) weapons or gun editor for that patch level, to generat new weaponsdata.dat and gundata.dat files

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I solved it!. :grin: I installed the 2006 weapons pack (I have the 2008 patch on my WOV) so I downloaded the Weapon Data Editor v02.20.08. I deleted the WEAPONDATA.dat, Then I opened the WEAPONDATA.ini and finally I save it.


Thanks anyway :good:

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