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3GO-MW Su-27 Flanker model for DCS-World / FC3

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3GO-MW Su-27 Flanker model for DCS-World / FC3

Su-27 Flanker for DCS-World (based on 3GO Su-27 v1.5 model) v.098e-7570


How to "install":

(probaly you will need to "reinstall" if the Auto-updater touched your program)


Put all files into DCS World folder


Please edit manually the following two files: Graphics.cfg and PlaneConst.lua

(Step 2., 3., 4. is not essential)



Open graphics.cfg file with an editor in DCS World\Config folder and search for these rows:


path = ".\\Bazar\\World\\textures\\WorldTexturesTGA3";

path = ".\\Bazar\\World\\textures\\WorldTexturesTGA2";

path = ".\\Bazar\\World\\textures\\WorldTexturesTGA";


copy and paste this row into graphics.cfg at VFSTexturePaths section near ...WorldTexturesTGA...rows

path = ".\\Bazar\\World\\textures\\Su-27-3GO";



Make a backup/copy of your original PlaneConst.lua file in DCS World\Scripts\Database folder



you will need to edit PlaneConst.lua file in DCS World\Scripts\Database folder ...search for row ~214 and edit gear position rows:

it should be look like after you edited:

-- main_gear_pos = {-0.537, -2.186, 2.168},

main_gear_pos = {-0.587, -2.16, 2.168},

radar_can_see_ground = true,

-- nose_gear_pos = {5.221, -2.186, 0},

nose_gear_pos = {4.021, -2.175, 0},

(Nose Wheel and Main Wheel corrections - More real: "nose lowering" movement when braking, tyre "compression" and turning on ground)...known small bug: AI nose tyre touchdown



Delete original Su-27 liveries from ...Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Bazar\Liveries\su-27

Backup folders and files included here...Backup-Old-CMD-Su-27

(original 3D model files will not overwritten, except broken wings and seperated canopy model but these files are also in "Backup-Old-CMD-Su-27" folder)




That's all





If you like this and my other addons/mods please donate me here:




Thank You


Please write comments, problems, ideas, suggestions here:




If you downloaded please read the "Read_Me.txt" file - if you are a skin maker


Edited by HungaroJET
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Thanks for converting this, HungaroJet. I know how difficult it was to get everything right. The community will appreciate your hard work.

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Thank you HJ.

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More pics of the Su-27.









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How to "install":


this is my first time trying to install manually where to begin and what does he mean by this???


(probaly you will need to "reinstall" if the Auto-updater touched your program)



Thanks for the help!!

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The auto updater will put your mods into a temp folder. To "reinstall" you'd just drag those files back into the correct folders.

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