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How to get through the USSR Air Defences

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It was Gorbatchevs fault, that Rust came trough.

He had forbitten his troops to drink vodka. If you drink vodka from bottle you always look into the sky. But it was forbitten, so nobody looked upward, so nobody saw the Cessna coming. With vodka it would not had happen. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

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Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a general feeling of being 'gun shy' after the KAL 007 shootdown. Interesting that he did get visually IDed from a Soviet fighter...so somebody knew what he was and where he was...



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Then in 1988, following the signing of a non-proliferation treaty by Reagan and Gorbachev, Rust was released as a gesture of good will after serving only 14 months.


Within a year of returning to Hamburg, Rust stabbed a colleague at a hospital where he worked and ended up behind bars again.



Wait... what???


I do know what is more astounding, that this guy survived Soviet air defenses, when NATO spent 30+ years and billions of dollars trying to figure out how to penetrate them.That a 19 year old scrawny homebody/suburban kid survived a year in prison presumably with his manhood and mental state in tact. Or the fact that he stabbed someone else, was convicted, and is now enjoys life as a financial analyst...


Just some things you just have to go....




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