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SF2 IDF DH Mosquito FB Mk.VI Pak

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SF2 IDF DH Mosquito FB Mk.VI Pak

SF2 IDF DH Mosquito FB Mk.VI Pak


= Something for the SF2:I Players =

= For SF2, Full-4/5 Merged ( Full-5 Reccomended/Preferred) =


*There is a possibility that this mod may work in SF/Wo* 1stGen game installs. However

due to the excessive modifications made to fit them into the SF2 environment, not all

features will be avaliable. Plus all the other issues...*


Some mods/reskin/redecaling for Pasko's Mosquito FB Mk.VI, as seen in the early to mid

1950s while serving with the Israeli Defense Forces.


Like the recently released WW2 versions, this get new skins in jpg format, decal

randomization is TRUE. A new (semi) compliant SF2 level FM, and other ini tweeks. Just

like the others!

This is a complete aircraft pak, designed to replace any eariler version (as seen in

the Suez Crisis Campaign Pak).


2 skins are included:

Overall 'Silver Dope', as delivered in 1950

Overall 'Silver Dope' with Black/Yellow "Invasion Stripes" as seen during Operation

Mokeed. This skin replaces the one included in the Campaign Pak.


I've kept the aircraft folder name the same, so it should just drip right in, and NOT

mess up the campaign ini (I cross-checked the aircraft name in said ini to be sure!).

No weapons are included, other than the drop tank. These reference those from the Suez

Campaign Pak. Pilot figures, engine sound and a NEW SF2-style hangar screen are also



As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included.

PLEASE read them!!! Also, as mentioned, the "Notes" section for other stuff of



*This mod is being released in an "as is" condition; the same notations seen in the WW2

Mossie Pak apply here as well*


Happy Hunting!


kevin stein


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I like it !!!


As far I know IDF had recon and nightfighters mosquitos, too. Maybe they could be added ......

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iirc, they had 20 NF30s, which would require a new lod, as the nose is completly different (sort of a 'bull nose' with the scanner, like the P-61)


they had 4 PR.16s with the 2-stage superchaged Merlins, with means the engine section of the data ini woulod need rebuilding by someone taht understand that stuff; but I could easily make it from the B Mk.IV. Just finding the serials would be an "interestering" exercise..have to really scour my SAM IDF book..


give a couple of days...

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remember, we're stuck with the LODs we have ... there ain't no new ones coming.


TTs are just B series with dual controls


Sea 'squito's ain't gonna happen; they're closeset equilivant would be FB modles


besides;, wiki ain't all that accurate.this is what I'm working from ...




have both IDF C&M books on pdf


us experts really DO know what we're doing. really

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Ok kevin for the windowed ones.


Do You have the temps to make a late camo mk. VI ?


I'ld like to make a couple of skins for You.



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the one pic showed the PR with a serial of 2153 (zayin?)


paulo, I"ll upload the templates today. There'll be a seperate body psd for the B serieis; it's slightly different than the FB

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I tried to attach from my computer but the documents wouldn't upload. Had to go through Photobucket instead.









Hope the info is useful.


If anyone wants me to email the docs instead let me know your address via pm.

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