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Insignia for Post War Nations

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Back in October, Gambit168 started a thread about the Russian Civil War. That thread motivated me to finish a project I had started many months before. Today I uploaded decals for 10 post war nations. (They are in the skins area, under "Other Entente Aircraft".) I have decal sets for - Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, and Yugoslavia. I have included all the variations that I am aware of. I also included variations for the Bolshevik markings. There are about 30 decals in all, sorted by nation.


You will probably need to tweak the decal ini's when you use these - how they reverse from side to side changes for each nation, and the horizontal stripes will need to be adjusted. I have included notes for how and when they were used, and I included a lot of screen captures.


Insignia for some nations are already included in First Eagles - Poland = nation 013 - Soviet Russia = nation 012 - White Russia uses the Imperial Russian insignia = nation 011.





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Most of the planes used at the end of WWI were used in the Russian Civil War. And many of the planes developed at the end of the war were used, including the DH9's, and the Fokker D.VIII. I have come across some good resources for people who are interested in making post-war skins.



The World at War website has articles from Chandelle magazine which include many profile drawings for post-war planes:


White Russian planes-



Polish planes-



Communist planes-




The WWIAviation website has profiles by W.I.Boucher for many nations and many planes (use the Table of Contents to find pages for Russia, Poland, Estonia, and Greece):





The Wings Palette Catalog page has links to individual profiles sorted by war and by nation (post war conflicts at the bottom of the page):



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over at simmerspaintshop.com, they have the pds with "World Markings", that go back to WW1, so some post-war should be there too

somwhere on this page, i think




edit: Stephan, I merged to 2 topics together.

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Great stuff stephen thx m8 , they will add a great deal of depth to the game play :biggrin:

polish spads & Dva's v red n17's & strutters sounds great to me

or Georgian camels v red se5a's :biggrin:

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Wrench - thanks for fixing my double post!

The website you mentioned looks like it would be a good resource for squadron and personal markings as well as for national insignia.


Quack - Yes, I duplicated my Eastern Front and started a post-war install this morning.


Gambit - Thanks for the inspiration.


Gepard - You mentioned a Baltic terrain. That would be a welcome addition to First Eagles. Are you planning to finish it?

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Stephen1918, Could you include the skins you made for the "new" nations' aircraft?

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I haven't done any new skins yet. I just made new decal ini's for some skins I already had so people could see what the insignia look like. I don't even remember where those skins came from. I hope some of the modders around here will start posting more accurate skins for the post war period.

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