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Mirrors off/on mod(that is totally worthless)

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Soooo I found a way to turn cockpit mirrors on and off on a keypress.


Sounds great doesn't it, since mirrors are nice eye candy but give completely unreasonable FPS hit I suspect many of you with not so hot hardware would love to have that option I mean I can play with mirrors but I often wonder if up to 37fps lost with them is really worth that eye candy.


Now you probably wonder why I wrote it's totally worthless? Good point.


It's because I tested it on a pre-saved mission to have same conditions which makes for a good testbed and the results were:


1. Mirrors off - 77fps

2. Mirrors on - 40fps

3. Mirrors on but turned off with my mod - still 40fps


It seems that even if you kill the mirror mesh completely the game still demands it to be rendered, for whatever purpose I have no clue as that makes as much sense as my neighbor playing Battlefield 3 causing me having bad performance while playing SF2 because my gfx card is somehow rendering his game too...atleast I could beat the living cr*p out of him, here I just can't help it.


Anyway here is the attached ini for the stock F-15A if anybody wants to fool around with it, honestly I lost the motivation...


EDIT: Oh I forgot, you can switch the mirrors on/off via bomb ripple keys.


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