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  1. F-16 Cockpits with NVG

    hey what's up I didnt know where to ask ,so... can you make the hud just a little bit shorter on both types of viper huds? tbh i think they're very tall anyway, the model is sooooo good.
  2. Hey guys I'm telling these points to share some ideas of mine for things we can improve. ( I might be wrong at some points ) There are 2 factors that will make a flight sim to have a high populated community: 1.Graphics 2.Multiplayer At the first stage I think we should work on high res - high detail textures to bring HDR feeling and also some more creativity to bring some better lightings to the game. then we should make little changes to some .LOD models under license of original developers because for example for cockpit shadows we need to make the models to have no holes AND we should add some better reflections to some models and etc. right now, with editing only .ini files, the game is better than ever + having reshade will give you some fun times flyin' but that's not enough! then we should modernize the user interface of some parts like mission editor and etc. For multiplayer, there are some disabled stuff within the .ini files that makes you to ask " Why? " and I know y'all know about them. but with lot of coooo0o0odings and developing some 3rd party stuff we can just try. I mean there are some games like Skyrim or whatever which they don't have any multiplayer functionality but there are some mods to let players, play the game online with friends. and yes, it's very hard to do it for this game but I thinks it's not impossible or as I said before ,maybe I'm wrong. we should spend lot of times for the game and yes, I know that most of the mod makers which they have some cool and nice information about the game engine and other details, they're all offline since many years ago. I think we can revive the game and the community with these 2.
  3. Well while i was testing diffrent planes before everything, i noticed that the TMF Parani Saegheh ( Iranian V tailed F-5 ) plane, has cockpit shadows in alternate way! maybe that trick which TMF used for that plane should be helpful to fix this in my opinion the problem is like this: while we're in cockpit views, game can't detect the outer frame ( the plane fuselage and nose ) to make it cast shadow on cockpit 3D model! so that's why we see wrong shadows because light was passed through the outer frame instead of make the outer frame draw its shadow on the pit AND it seems like pit 3D models are some sort of transparent from outside so cockpit 3D model shadow casts from wrong side! I THINK if we make the external view model cast shadow on the internal view model, the problem is solved then I also noticed that there're some other options for LODs in Shadow section in .INI files but I still don't know much about them
  4. Hi everyone! after few miles of scrolling .INI files and testing everything on the game FINALY: " Cockpit Shadows " !! --! enabling process is same for each plane ! -- --! enabling process should apply on each plane you like to have cockpit shadows on 'em ! -- --! Be Advised !: This "Cockpit Shadows" has some little BUGs so we all should work on it together to make it better !-- It's better than nothing :D * Q: How to enable Cockpit Shadows? - A: All you need to do is to make a .INI file with the same name and right at the place your chosen plane cockpit 3D file ( .LOD ) is located. Example: !! [ Cockpit file are located at the folder with the same name (most of the times) ] !! SHO to Viper team F-16 BLK 30 to act like a test plane here the plane's Cockpit 3D model is the LOD file named " Cockpit_F-16C_B30.LOD " and above of that, our personally made .INI file; Now Inside the .INI file we should drop this : [Shadow] CastShadow=TRUE ShadowCastDist=5000 MaxVisibleDistance=800 ------------------------------------------------- * you are free to change the numbers ------------------------------------------------- here's an example file which you have to change it's name to the plane's cockpit file name ! plane's cockpit file name.INI *with this simple trick you can enable shadows for every .LOD file. feel free to ask. alexis99 thanks for that little help sorry for bad English :) hope ya'll enjoy! one love. plane's cockpit file name.INI
  5. You were right it's all about LODs I'm making a new Topic for it
  6. Guys!!! I FOUND A WAY !!! It has some bugs but IT'S WORKING !!!
  7. thank you guys! one love I also found a way to increase the clouds drawing distance in ENVIRONMENTSYSTEM.ini file but i'm still testing it well I didn't search for clouds drawing distance, I'm just testing it for fun. If there were no topics about it, I'll add one. right now i'm working on pit shadows and i found a very easy way to enable it, but configuration is some sort of manual for each plane but it works fine :D I'll write about it soon.
  8. Hi every one! Is there any way to increase visibility range / distance ? well i couldn't find any discussion about it using the search bar so, i'm sorry if i'm asking the topic for another time.
  9. Su-35I Flanker-E IRIAF

    Nice job!! liveries are soooo hot can you make the livery that it has eagle on tile for The Mirage Factory Mig-29 Fulcrum ?
  10. Hi everyone! Is there any way to make cockpit objects cast shadows in Cockpit views? and Is there any way to make clouds cast shadows on scenery? These stuff will definitely change the game experience.
  11. Hi have any one found a way to make cockpit objects and clouds cast shadows?
  12. Iraq, Western Asia (2003-2018)

    Hi Nice work But there are some problems in Tehran part of the map, Mehrabaad int airport orientation is wrong and not real + it has dual runways irl but there's only one runway in the map and runway numbers are not accurate well OIII Mehraabad airport is the most important airport and airbase for this map, most Iran-Iraq map fans likes to have sortie from and to this famous historic airbase. if you make few changes on that part of the map, it'll be FIRRRREEE

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