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I ask to the modders if is possible do some modifications about the Falkland Islands terrain add all the structures made by british after the war, like the three radar stations, Mare harbour and the airport RAF Mount Pleasant.Thank you!



Ice Man


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the height field on that terrain is "diffucult at best" to work with, and nearly impossible at worst. drove me bats**t crazy trying to flatten a couple airfields, that just plane wouldn't flatten. (that explains why you see aircraft sinking into the ground)


to add the other port, most likely new tiles would be needed. if built with terrain objects, the usual routine is used.

adding the 'ground structrues' for the radar sites is a simple text edit, with a "ActiveYear=" tag added.


i sure don't have time for it ...

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Maybe the mysterious 'tag value' is wrong in the tilemap (TFD) for these tiles. This causes the surface to be bumpy even when the heightmap (HFD) is seemingly flat. TFDtool allows for fixing that.

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a little,

Apparently Stock Desert, VietnamSEA and IsraelME have this tag value rule:

0=airfield, city, farm, river, paddy

1=sand, hills, forest

2=sea, partial sea

GermanyCE is all zero though.

I had a problem with sinking in an airfield in the desert, and it was because a tag value was accidentally put to something other then zero.

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