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i need help with Avionics_ini

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could somebody with skills in avionics modding help me please


i try to adopt the F-16C avionics for the F-4E AUP and in principle it is working , the problem is that the HUD is in an other position than on the F-16C so i try to adjust the HUD-settings and i could move the display area but i´m not able to move all the items that are displayed there


so no matter what i try this parts are staying in there position as if they are nailed to it , so please if somebody knows how to adjust this settings could help me here please send me a pm and i send you the aircraft folder


or are this items not movable ???? do i have to move the cockpit ????


F-16C HUD all items are centered





F-4E_AUP HUD , display area is moved up but everything else remain in the original position







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Ravenclaw, ImagePosition=, ScaleImagePosition=,and TextPosition=, given in X/Y coordinates. Hope this helps; if not send me the file and I'll take a look.

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i know I got them working on the AUP that Sundowner and I fiddled with. Mind you, we use the F-4EJ-Kai cockpit (a tmf mod, irrc)

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Which F-16C? This is for the F-16C_B30:














Send me the file; I think I can get to it tonight.

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Well, as usual I've opened my fat mouth and stuck my foot in it...but I do have an answer. If you look at the attached screenshots you'll notice they look a lot like yours, the first three are from a Block 30 F-16C Cupid, the second three are from a stock F-4E_78. In both the Flight Path Marker and what you've referred to as the Horizon Line (it's actually part of the Attitude Bars .tga) are firmly nailed, as you put it, on one spot; but that spot is the horizon. I think this is correct. It looks like you've got the "Hud" (combining glass) raised up in the AUP but this isn't really the issue. The problem is that the F-4s hud isn't a hud at all, it's a combining glass that really is just a gunsight; the glass itself isn't tall enough to contain the information given on an actual hud, even an SF2 hud. :biggrin: Look at the screens I've got here and fly that AUP of yours and watch what the hud does; part of the problem is the way they're modelled in SF2. I think you may have to make a taller glass, luckily, for you that shouldn't be a problem. I hope this helped you in some way.







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if you look at my F-4E AUP picture above i made a complette new HUD and that is exactly the problem because the new HUD is no longer at the position of the old F-4 HUD


i did have exactly the same problem with the F-16 cockpits when i made them and i think we moved the entyre cockpit downward and i try this with the AUP cockpit and end up with a possition that i can see the glare shield from above


i thing this two pictures makes it a bit more clear what i mean the standard cockpit with the HUD and the new AUP cockpit in making , as you can see the new AUP HUD has moved way moore up as the old one , now i have to get all the HUD data to move up as well with out loosing the gener cockpit view , if i let the HUD data where they are you end up having part of the displayed data below the HUD as you can see in the final picture


@ SuperGen , the file is on the way to you







this is now the result if i move the entyre cockpi by 2,5cm in 3ds max , the data are where they supposed to be inside the HUD but the upper mirror is now much more down and the right glare shield is now visible from above (and yes i have changed the part to minimize the effect)

an other side effect is that the side panels become less visible







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I assume you have test the following? Not an expert just trying to see if I understood your situation?












Adjusting the 'two' different values... would that work? I think you should be able to adjust the size of the entire content on the HUD (width and height)?


You have probably already try that, right?


Love your work, sorry if I was not helpful...

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i did and yes i can move everything but this stupid altitude bars , this altitude bars are not movable and a real pain in the A.....



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The soviet birds have a little plane on the HUD that only moves as a banking indicator.

If I'm right, it's a transparent mesh in the cockpit LOD with a tga to make it look like a HUD entry.


So you might create a mesh on your new HUD that you could animate via the cockpit.ini file.


Stary already did some "still gunsight" in his cockpits, so it's the same but animated like a ADI ball.


I'm pretty sure you had the idea and it's already done ; )

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