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Unusual Thing in SF2 Europe

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So, I've patched the sim up to the latest version, and I have modded nothing at all yet.


I decided to play the default 1979 campaign, flying the A-10A. I'm into about my fifth mission flying CAS, and I get alerted that there are a couple of MiG-27's in the area. (I was using labels on) anyway, I despatch the first one easy, but then when

I target the next one, rather than come up with 'MiG-27' on the dialogue box, it has the pilots name........Gernady something. I quickly despatch him too with my last 9-Lima.


End of the game, and the debrief only says that I despatched a MiG; nothing about the name or anything.


Seems a bit weird; has anybody else seen this?




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You can see that often in campaigns.

when you switch through the aircrafts that are around there are

always some names around.

i think that the ones with names are aces, but I´m not sure....

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The ones with names are Aces. They can be randomly created at the campaign start, or they can actually have fought their way trough a campaign just like you...

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