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100 years of Italian Naval Aviation

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This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Italian Naval Aviation. The Italian Navy celebrated the anniversary with open days in 3 naval air stations. Here are some photos from MARISTAELI (Navy Helicopter Station) Luni.


AgustaWestland AW101, ASW version



AW101, transport version



AW101 cockpit



NHIndustries NH-90, ASW version



NH-90 cockpit



NH-90 SONAR station



Coast Guard Agusta-Bell AB412



The remains of an Agusta-Sikorsky ASH-3D Sea King



The various gate guardians:

Agusta-Bell AB47J



Sikorsky SH-34J Seabat



Agusta-Bell AB204



Agusta-Bell AB47G on a monument dedicated to admiral Giovanni Fiorini, founder of the modern Italian Naval Aviation



One of the EH-101 prototypes



Some photos of the guided visit in the base:

Egress Training Simulator



Northrop Shelduck target drone



Marshaller uniform



An AB47J model made with metal pipes



The base chapel's clocktower, built with the rotor and the trasmission of a SH-34






A propeller to remember this airbase belonged to the Air Force, before being assigned to the Navy


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Nice photos, Dysko, it flys the nh90???

The Navy NH-90s are still being delivered, so far only 5 have been delivered, so I guess they aren't operational yet.

The Army NH-90s are already operational. One of them was lost in 2007 during an airshow when it impacted the surface of the lake above which it was performing, with the loss of one of the 3 crewmembers. Few days later, I visited Sarzana naval air station with my university, and we were told that he was the only crewmember who hadn't been trained on the ETS (ETS training is not mandatory for Army and Air Force helicopter pilots, unless they are certified for long overwater flights).

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Italy also uses Harrier II+s!

That's correct, they are based on board aircraft carriers "Giuseppe Garibaldi" and "Conte di Cavour", and they are to be replaced with F-35Bs.

Since I live far from the sea, I've seen an Italian Navy Harrier only once, at an airshow in 2002.

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EH-101...Its called merlin here in uk...see them fly over low on maneuvers over and around missus`s mums house rooftop height...in abbingdon\wooton...they land at dalton barracks..RAF version that is

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