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Tonyo - legion

Shuttleworth uncovered 2013

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additional aircraft from yesterdays show....the weather was good enough for them to fly two of the Edwardians as well - you may remember them from the movie those magnificent men in their flying machines 















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Thanks guys,


I had to resize them as I'd set my camera up to do A2 size prints which blew the file size well over the limit for each one.


Its the first time that I've been to a shuttleworth uncovered airshow. its a fantastic idea to be able to get up close to the aircraft & ask the mechanics & pilots any questions you want about them from how they handle in the air to how to get or make spares for the engines. 


they have the oldest original aircraft still flying ( bleriot 1909  and the blackburn monoplane 1912 vintage as well as a deperdussin around 1910 they didnt fly yesterday there was a bit of wind and they ran out of time to fly them) 


with near perfect weather and a beautiful summers/autumn evening that was nice and warm and sunny as well it made for a beautiful day.

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Wonderful photos, Tonyo!

The Camel as a fragile, masterly piece of art!

Didn't know that the Bristol Bullet was still flyable - thank you for sharing!

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These are just great!  It's good to see so many vintage frame in the air - some are just a few steps up from the Wright Flyer!  Uh..<ahem>  <shuffle shuffle> er... I wonder if we could set something up here to get the high-res originals.... that stripped-off Camel is a work of art!  Can you imagine putting one of those together?

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