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SF 2 FULL MERG E/I/NA exp pack 1/2 JUL 2013

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Hello to all

I have the game in all version'splus the exp pack....and jul 2013...!!

I make the last update 2 days before....in jul 2013....!!

Now i can make ....a mod....but use only the planes that ...are ...in the game.

I can't use some hellicopter's....and planes....from some mod;s from combatace.....for the SF2....!!

I have a pc with Win 7....and until now ...was alll perfect......!.

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Sounds like an easy mistake.

Have you backuped your option.inis before? And have you changed the default mod folder path?

If not, change the part in all your options ini to your specefic mod folder path!

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I didn't get a word of that..


so, if I can interpolate the OP...


some aircraft have disappeared from the player usable list?


that's because patching rewrites ALL the AI-aircraft-made-flyable, returning them to game-controlled. You'll need to 'rebuild' their main ini to make them flyable again.  This happens every time the games are patched, or a DLC is installed. There's a tutorial in the knowledge base, on the 'one click restore' ini


Helos have always been an issue ... can't help ya there


Perhaps a list of WHICH aircraft are now unsable might be of some assistance to us in figuring out what glitched????


the loading issue; no real way of knowing with MUCH more information; what aircraft, what time frame, what terrain?


working in the dark here... shed some light!!

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freeze...with all terrain's ....and some planes.......hellicopter's



I ........... 2 check .....all.....2-3..times.....!

In the end.....i delete the game,,,,,and make a new instal.....!!!

.....with out the last up.... dates....jul 2013 .......

Now it work's just fine....like before.!


Also a friend ......he had the same problems....after he install the dlc.....files?  and he make the same.. make the same new install...

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