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I've noticed that many users of the SF2V Expansion Pack have opted to replace the enhanced Green Hell 2.0 tile set included in the Expansion Pack with Stary's new Green Hell 3.5 replacement tile set. While this new tile set is by far the best yet for the VietnamSEA terrain (though perhaps a bit brown-ish for my eyes), I thought it could use a few tweaks to work optimally with the SF2V Expansion Pack. So I've put together an enhancement package to address the main issues as I see them.

Attached to this post is an enhancement package for GH 3.5 when used in conjunction with the SF2V Expansion Pack. It makes the following enhancements:

1. Replaces the main air base tile with a new one designed to better blend into the surrounding terrain -- i.e., no more expansive green lawns surrounding all the air bases. The "jungle" air base tile is unchanged.

2. Replaces the ground TGAs used for many barracks areas in the lower Route Packs of North Vietnam with new TGAs that allow the barracks areas to more naturally blend in with the surrounding terrain.

3. Replaces the bright, baby blue water tiles of GH 3.5 with a darker, greyer set of water tiles, which (at least to my eyes) look more natural.

4. Replaces the default WaterNormal.BMP used in GH 3.5 with a new WaterNormal that produces more pronounced wave effects.

I am uploading this here (as opposed to the Download section) in order to gauge user reaction to these enhancements. So, please do let me know what you think.

A special thanks to Stary for the outstanding new tile set.

Eric Howes


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Thank you Eric! Especially for water colour, something I did not like since day one of making this set yet missed opportunities to fix it :clapping:

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...Just asking: as I don't have SF2 and SF2E and therefore had to stop following your recent updates of the Vietnam-XP, does this tweak bring together the "older" Expansion Pack with GH3.5? (I'm afraid not...)

I do have GH3.5 installed and up to now never ran into issues (like the "height/level-mismatch"), but that might just be due to missions not yet bringing me to "faulty" areas.....


Anyhow MANY THANKS for your tweak - especially the water color... Downloading NOW!

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