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Campaign/mod idea: Air War after the bomb (What if)

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Hey all,

I'm pretty much swamped by my own projects but I found this document online, and it contains some interesting ideas for scenarious in SF2 that simulate the situation after a full nuclear exchange:




I'm not what you'd call in-the-know about thermonuclear devices but most of the projections here seem legit... Anyways, here are some interesting excerpts that could form a basis for campaigns:


Israel based campaign



With Soviet warheads minutes away, Israel launches nuclear missiles and nuclear-armed aircraft against capitals and military targets of most other Middle Eastern nations.

Israel is being attacked by Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. About one-third of Israel's military forces survived the Soviet nuclear attack; they are now occasionally using nuclear artillery shells against attacking troops. Other Arab states are preparing to join the campaign.

Disorganized forces from Iraq, Iran, and Libya are beginning to join the Arab battle against Israel


Far east



The U.S.S.R. launches most remaining nuclear forces, attacking cities and other targets in the U.S. and Western Europe as well as mainland China.

 The largest individual weapons used in the war are a couple of 50-mt Soviet bombs dropped in China: craters 2 km (1.3 mi.) across are produced, and severe or moderate damage is produced in an area up to 100 km (60 miles) across.

 North Korean forces have overrun many remaining cities in South Korea. Civil war has developed throughout China: with much of the government and military wiped out by Soviet nuclear attack, surviving communist forces are under attack and ethnic conflicts are developing. Tibet has declared independence. 

Crop failures throughout the third world have caused famines in many areas and have also encouraged civil unrest. India has collapsed into civil war. Having devastated Israel, Arab nations are in chaos: the Middle East was heavily dependent on the Western nations economically. Surviving Taiwanese forces are participating in the civil war in mainland China.


Other notable ideas are latin american countries raiding the continental USA for resources and food wars all over the third world.

Overall, it's a pretty bleak read and certainly makes one happy that there never was a full scale nuclear exchange.. That said, the cold-war gone hot in Europe that SF2 and many other games simulate that is strictly conventional is rather naive I think, and this would be an interesting scenario, no?




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