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Off for a two-weeks leave

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Time has come to visit my family again.

I will be off to East Friesland tomorrow - no, today - at 10:00 h.

When I return I will update my system, so I can fly WOFF without stutters and crashes.

I'm looking forward to the time, when I will fly my first real carefree campaign!

(Cancel the "carefree" - Mwahahahahaaa!!!)


My sister has a computer - maybe I can check in for brief visits.

See you all in two weeks!

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Thanks, guys!

Duke, see if you can save for a new rig, or sell your granny -

I have seen that WOFF is definitely worth it!

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Duke and Olham. From what I can remember, Olham has a better rig than me. With that said WOFF was stuttering like a school boy in front of a large crowd until I made some changes.


I OC'd my processor and my GB video card and tinkered with the settings until I found an acceptable medium. Right now, I'm getting 35-45 FPS on regular campaign flights and 25-35 FPS in medium combat, near the front and involving 10+ craft. It's not great performance but I can live with it for now. I simply need some upgrades but they can't happen now.


I feel like I can squeeze some extra performance out which is why I'm going to post back with my specs/settings, and see if the community can help out. And sorry for hijacking your going away thread Olham...but you are going away so you'll probably never know.

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