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Operation Stamford Bridge; Battle of Britain 1980

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Operation Stamford Bridge; Battle of Britain 1980

This Campaign use high resolution assets by the best and brightest on CombatAce and may be too much for some computers. There is no low res version.


You have been warned.


Year: 1980

Flyable Services: Royal Air Force, Royal Navy

Carrier Operations: Yes

Naval Combat: Yes

Ground War Scale: Almost None

What to expect: Air Combat Missions versus bombers and Long Range Fighters as well as a few naval support missions. The missions will be harder as time progresses due to attrition and supply.


Story: http://combatace.com/topic/80769-battle-of-britain-1980-mission-briefing/




This mod requires Strike Fighters 2 Europe, Strike Figthers 2 North Atlantic and Expansion Pack 2.


Install into the Strike Fighters 2 Mod Folder of your choice, usually found at

C:\Users\YOURNAME\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFigthers2


While this Campaign and assets are made to work together with other minor campaigns and mods, I cannot guarantee

compatibility. Allow overwrites or use a separate folder.


For credits, please read (and actually do it too!) the file named "Credits". I could not do what I do

without all these talented people!


This campaign is dedicated to Paulopanz.


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Jon, I'm very pleased about this fantastic campaign is dedicated to me.


As I realy loved this wonderful terrain this campaign idea was good to use it ..... and defending Engalnd is an all time classic!


I Just remember to your "costumers" that RN ships now are ALL flagged with own numbers ....


and a big F-4K DLC upgrade is on the way.



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I believe are talking about football and Chelsea...... hahahaha, i download now it an check



Maybe about the sale of Mata to Manchester United....???

Edited by Hans Topp

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I just encountered a problem :

After 10 missions or so, I am now asked to fly E2C or Mig25R.

Any idea ?

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Are you sure its after ten missions? The bug is not unknown to me, but it usually occurs at once if it appears.

What Squadron are you flying as?

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Here are my global campaign settings :

Normal, except difficulty : easy


My campaign :


Ligfhtning, 5th squadron


And the "mission" :





10 missions is not an exact figure, but it is an order of magnitude, maybe less


Thank you in advance

Edited by jeanba

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