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Star Citizen - Arena Commander-PAX East and Beyond

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Just thought I would post this as an update on Star Citizen. Everything is pre-alpha but still interesting to see. I took note of the blackout effect at about 12:00.


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I have been watching this with great interest. They can shut up and have my money. 

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    • By EricJ
      Okay as some know I play it, somewhat more than most other games (DCS, A3, SF2) but yeah, I'm doing some modding slowly but surely, but I own:
      Aegis Gladius
      Orion Jumpworks 315P
      Aegis Avenger Titan
      MISC Prospector
    • By KJakker
      Chris Roberts, the creator of games like Wing Commander, Strike Commander, and Freelancer, after a ten year hiatus from making games, is back with a new project.
      The project is called “Star Citizen” and is planned to have both an online persistent world trading, exploration, and combat component in the pattern of games like Freelancer and Privateer and a single player with optional co-op play component in a military setting in the pattern of Wing Commander called “Squadron 42”. Both are set in the same Star Citizen universe. Chris Roberts is not relying on big name publishers to support his project but instead is using a combination of crowd funding and private investors.
      Below is the "Squadron 42" trailer and three links to where you can learn more about the project. The first link is to the home page of "Roberts Space Industries" website . The second link is to the "Star-Citizen" page of that site detailing what the project is. The third link is to the RSI YouTube channel for some videos on the project.

      Link to the RSI website.

      Link to the Star Citizen page at RSI.

      Link to the RSI YouTube Channel.


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