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Good/Best WWII Type Flight Sim?

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I am looking for a world war two flight sim that is reasonable to play.

I tried IL-2 1946, but it seemed to require more time fooling around

and not so much time playing.


Anybody have any idea what might fit as a decent game?


I posted this here because I wasn't sure where it should go.



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At the risk of sounding partisan, I'd say SF2. You can go to the A-Team's site and get an all-inclusive ww2 SF2 Pacific install. No fiddling required. You get great models and FMs and the AI behavior is doesn't defy physics. If you don't mind piecing everything together, you can build a complete ww2 Europe install right here, and a very good one at that. I still don't have enough computer power to run all graphic options at full bore.

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ShrikeHawk is right.  I have IL2 heavily modded, and BoBII, but the sim I fly most for WW2 is right here at CombatAce.  SF2 is just easier to mod, and more fun to fly single missions in, which I prefer.  If you try to contact the A-Team site, wait until after July 15th.  They're not accepting any new applications until after that date.

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