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Game constantly overwrites stock aircraft ini files

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Guys, I am having a problem in making stock aircraft flyable, that I suppose that could be a result of something I installed recently - a DLC or a third party mod.

I am sure I am making the right steps, doing all the necessary ini edits (as I have made stock aircraft flyable many times in the past years), but now no result.

I noticed that after I edit the aircraft ini file to add the necessary entries for the cockpit, say the MiG-21PFM.ini, and I start the game, the MiG-21PFM is not a selectable aircraft.

When I check back the MiG-21PFM.ini, I see that the file I edited was restored by the game to its default state, i.e. without any cockpit related entries in it.

I tried making a separate aircraft off of a stock one, say MiG-21PFM_PWL, so that the game does not recognize it as a stock one anymore and that one does not show up in game at all.

At the same time I have other aircraft, say MiG-21bis_BG made in the past over the stock MiG-21bis to represent Bulgarian nation specific aircraft and these show up OK.

Any thoughts why is this happening as I have not observed such behavior before? 

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it happens all the time, at random intervals and after patching or installing a DLC. Been happening since SF2 came out.


This may be of some help, in our overlooked Knowledge Base:




the reason your "nationalized" aircraft aren't effected, is simply because they're "nationalized", and have a unique folder and ini name that the game engine's patch/DLC routines don't recognize, being different from the 'stock' names, that reference the 3W userlists

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Thank you, Wrench, I have read that, may be I did not explain clearly. It does not explain why newly created aircraft over stock aircraft do not show up. Also does not explain why the game overwrites the ini files each time it is started (not only after a patch or DC installation).

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so, for example, you created a Nicaraguan MiG-21MF. You have a uniquie folder name...




a unique matching main ini name...




and did you create a matching data ini, with Nicaragua as the nation (said data ini MUST reside in the aircraft's folder)?

Removed Exported-TRUE ini data ini?

Removed references to a no longer needed **_userlist.ini in the aircraft's main ini??


There's another tutorial in the KB -don't remember if it's 1stGen or SF2- on creating 'nationalized' aircraft. You'll have to search for it.


Because, using the example here, for a fictional FAN Fishbed-J, mine has never rewritten itself. Ever

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Yes, Wrench, I am doing it exactly as you have described.

I am in a complete loss here as I have successfully done that tens of times in the past (cause I prefer to do it anew with each new install rahther than paste from old installs, part of the fun with the game for me I guess  :biggrin:).

OK, I guess I will just have to reinstall the game and start adding my favourite mods one at a time over again. Thanks for the attention.

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