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This is the slot free version of EAW which we have been playing online at GameRanger.

It also allows instant missions, single missions and careers, so it is not multiplayer specific.

There are now six mission types, with the addition of torpedo strikes.


Rather than post a heap of details here, I suggest readers who want to get more information visit the SimHQ EAW forum and check recent posts containing "140" in their title.


Jel :cool:

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will it work on modern computers without graphical anomalies? 1.2x gave me these to the point of unplayability

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I sent a reply to your question in an email yesterday to the address shown for you here in your profile.



I have seen pictures of corrupted screens, and occasionally get them myself. In only one case reported to me has a player had in-game screen corruption problems. So I am curious about the graphical anomalies that you encountered.

The most common ones occur with selection screens.

The least troublesome are pixellated screens which are still readable and eventually get you into the game.

Why this works I do not know, but the problem seems to be fixed by selecting "Multiplayer" then "tcp/ip" then clicking cancel when prompted to enter the IP address, and Esc to get back to the mainscreen.

The more troublesome is screentearing, when you get a mainscreen that is unreadable and making selection impossible.


Currently I am running EAW on a Vista laptop and a Windows 7 desktop.

If I run 1.2 on the desktop I get the 7217 error

If I run later versions I get a corrupted map screen in single mission mode when I want to set the target or home base.

Both these problems are fixed if I run EAW via the d3d windower.


The d3d windower does not work as well in Win 7 for multiplayer games as it does in Vista and earlier operating systems. However, I still host games online at Gameranger without it because the 1.28 and later versions of the eaw.exe have a 7217 workaround, and the multiplayer screens are all readable with no corruption at all.



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These pictures are made flying EAW140 to demonstrate the way we play the game these days

This is my 140Online folder
There is no "eaw.exe", but if you check there are a number of scenario folders, several "Planes" folders, a very important utilty named "DirSetExeManagerV5", and two folders that it uses- "DirSets" and "EAW Versions"

Running it displays the available exes, and the available scenarios.
When a scenario is selected the planesets in it are listed for selection.

Switching back you can see that the folder now contains an "eaw.exe" and a "Dir.set" file as a result of the selections I made.
Note that I selected "ETOBargeTrain"

Then we run the exe:

Select a 190A6 for a mixed interdiction:

Target London:
Note that we can also set the day and month, hour and minute, and base our selection on the times of sunrise and sunset.

We have moving barges on the Thames:
Because there is a "Seasons" folder in the "ETO140" folder containing seasonal terrains, we got a winter terrain based on the mission being set for 15th January.

With this system and this one folder with a couple of mouseclicks we can switch between
1. Four ETO time periods by selecting the planeset, including Russian planes later in the war.
2. A repeat of 1 but with barges and multi-track rail lines added.
3. Moggy's Middle East- IRAQ1941
4. Desert Air War (DAW)
5. Spanish Air War (SAW)
6. South Pacific Air War (SPAW)
7. South Pacific Air War 1945 (SPAW45)

Other than the "eaw.exe" and the "Dir.set" file, no other files are moved into the root folder.


I am away in Lyon currently, so these pictures were taken on my Vista Laptop, running the d3dwindower


Edited by Jel

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