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Crash After Takeoff Bug

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Anyone experiancing AI nose diving after takeoff. Was toying around with a created mission and noticed that B-52s like to nose dive towards the ground a few feet after takeoff. Is this a bug? If so how long has it been?


*Note: I tried messing with the wind speed/direction, loads, and fuel; no avail. What usually happens is that the lighter loaded BUFFs just crash shorter than the heavier ones.


Trak is here: http://www.filedropper.com/yetanotherbugaswearepayingtobebetatesters

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UPDATE: Tried a few other heavies at the large Russian/Bomber transport base, and the B-52 seems to be the only aircraft that does this after takeoff. It does not appear the stall out or loose airspeed after takeoff, instead the AI deliberately nosedives into the end of the runway

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I just tried it and it did the same to me. Might be a bug worth mentioning on their forums. 

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