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EE Lightning installation problems

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I downloaded Russo's Lightning F,mk 6 and cannot install it.


He says in his Readme (I cannot find where what is marked in red below is--in blue you have my questions):


"Lightning Fmk6 Ver1.0,(Beta)for SFP1 By me Russouk2004...

This is a beta and is not the finished article,so keep this in mind..lol
She flies ok but I will get the FM done a tad more realistic when I can.
Extract the A\c folder called "Fmk6",and move it to the Objects \Aircraft folder (where is this?).....there will be no Cockpit folder(using F100D for now),so just copy the F100D cockpit folder into the Fmk6 folder...no editing to do),and two squadrons,Number 5 and Number 11 squadrons,(more to follow)..
Copy the sound folder to the main SFP1 folder,and click yes to overwrite..Thats it (I could not find a sounds folder in SF Europe)
Put the AFTERBURNERF6.TGA in the objects folder.(which one?)..then
Copy n paste the entries in the particlesystemreadme to your particlesystem.ini file as per the instructions included in the readme...thats that...make sure you back up the original 1st...
Regarding skins..at the moment only a\c numbers are decals,If you want to add decals then feel free,tho I will be doing them later..(soon as I have time.)
Copy the entry in the weapondata.ini,in weapons folder,to your weaponsdata.ini,and add using the editor (which editor?)in the usual way.
I have included the excellent Pilot skins for RAF,put them in the aircraft folder (which one?)
Add these to the squadrons.ini in the flight folder..."
I also looked at the beginner's help on how to install a/c, but no explanations as to where these files go.
I am used to fs9 and fsx--where things are simple and logical--and the crazy structure of this game beats me. For a beginner it is torture to add even a simple thing like an a/c,.. Last time I tried to add a Javelin I messed up the sim and had to reinstall all 4 versions from scratch.
I have a merged install with 4 versions.
TK should make a neater version if he can.
Any help will be appreciated,
I was thinking of adding this a/c to SF Europe...right or wrong?
If I fail to add this a/c, I think I will give up this sim for good.

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TK isn't supporting these games anymore sadly, and as for trying to add stuff, if all this doesn't help u , and u cant get it to work, try using the search function on how to add aircraft and stuff like that and it will work if u follow it correctly. It takes time to learn, I am still learning the new system as well

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You are tryng to install in SF-2 an old SF-1 model ....


In SF-2 each game creates a "mod" folder in user section (in my install; paolo/partite salvate/ thirdwire)


The folders you don't find have to create ...


My suggestion'ld be to start with an SF-2 add-on mod so You will understand as it works.


About pit no more pit folders inside planes .... only plane.ini edits.


Anyway even if Exp. 2 Lightnings are newer  if you realy want this for SF2 PM me  the exact file you like, point me to it and I will port to sf-2 for you ...


No much trouble I think .




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In SF2 EVERYTHING is done via folders and sub folders. Including weapons, guns and pilots. (as was true in post 08 patch level 1stGens). Decal especially require their residence in the /Objects/Decals/*name-of-plane" folder.


Honestly, trying to port SF1 (especially an uncompleted model -sorry Russ!!-) is not a good expenditure of time. Especially when the EEL inghtning is a stock 3w aircraft (with SF2E expansion). There's no muss, no fuss.


Also, a stock, unmodded game will NOT have certain folder (Effects being one of them) You simply create that folder within the mod folder of choice.


as to installing the Javelin incorrectly, the package WAS set up for a simple drag and drop -- one just moves, copies/pastes, etc the Object folder supplied DIRECTLY over the /Object folder of the game install (aka: the mod folder) of choice, and allow the overwrite.

Same for the provided /Sounds folder.


In my readmes, I use the following instructions (albeit this one for a ww2 aircraft)



As I always reccomend, unzip the "sf2_ww2_pto_b17f_pak.zip" to a temp folder or your desktop or somewhere else that's easy to find

Then, simply, copy/paste the Objects folder supplied directly =OVER= your existing /Objects folder in your WW2 PTO-centric Mods Folder.


Copy/Paste the supplied Sounds folder directly OVER your existing /Sounds folder
You'll probably be asked "OVERWRITE?", just say Yes.


I've already seperated out the various folders (Aircraft, Decals, etc), so they'll drop right where they're supposed to be.


no matter what era, the instructions are always the same.


Remember, comparing SF2 to SF1, all the folder setups are identical ... they're just in a different place due to Windows security (protected regions of the HD, the /ProgramFiles sectors). The only real difference is some 'base folders' are not included in a STOCK install

They would be:









Terrains (--- that plural is VERY important!!)


One simply creates them to add the needed items, or if they're included in the mod, allow the creation/overwrite.


It really IS much easier than SF1

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I wouldn't even bother trying to convert it to SF2. Patch your installs to the latest version, get SF2E expansion pack, and just use those Lightnings. They have the correct cockpit and all the rest.

Russ' model is very old and has several issues (again, sorry Russ!! )



as to folders, even though the image below was for a terrain question, you can see the main folders. (ignore that QMD thingy)


Basic rule is, if a folder doesn't already exist, you create it

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No worries kev,I dont even use my fmk6 now lol...nor 1 2 3 ...hence.

new fuselage engines and more detail and high res mapping when done.




Edited by russouk2004

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Where can I get the SF2E expansion pack?


I have one folder named [sF2_update_Mar2012]with an exe in it named

[sF2_update_Mar2012.exe] and a text file that says:
I have a 2nd folder named [sF2_update_Mar2012_Hotfix] with an exe in it named [sF2_update_Mar2012_Hotfix.exe], and exactly the same text words as above.
Found those through google--they may be pirate or unauthorised--I do not know.
Finally I have a file named [sF2_update_Jul2013.exe].
Arre any of the above what you say I need for the "ready-made" Lightning. 
If not, can I have a direct link to the SF2E expansion pack?

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I checked out the link above and saw that the site above is piratical, I think. I was horrified. Can a moderator delete the references to it please. Apologies,



Edited by tselepides

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those exes you show are Game Patches. And still need to be installed

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