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How cool is this? Albatros D.II replica built by TVAL and Mayrhofer

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They have done it again - after building several Albatros D.V replicas, THE VINTAGE AVIATOR have built

an Albatros D.II replica, together with Mayrhofer, if that info is correct. Coloman Mayrhofer had already

built a replica of a flyable Albatros D.III OeFFAG before.


TVAL seem to have examined the Mercedes D.III engine so deeply, that they are now able to even build

new engines for these planes.


Here is a website with wonderful photographs of the new old plane.




Enjoy the visit.

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If anyone feels the itch to hand-craft an Albatros model, that's the photo essay to have. Nice find, Olham.

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That Albatross is absolutely superb. The attention to detail and finish is exquisite.


Does anyone know where the sourced the linen for the wings and tailplane? Is that done in genuine material as well?


I know that when the AWM was rebuilding their Albatross D.V they searched all over the world until they found a supplier who could provide the exact linen as used during WWI construction. And then they had to (again) search worldwide for the actual presses used for doping and painting the material. From memory they finally found the press somewhere in Germany.

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