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The TF30 powered F-110B & F-110C

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McDonnell F-110B Phantom - Tactical Air Command, 1963


The resounding success of the F-4B in the competitive fly-off against the F-106 during ‘Operation Highspeed’ led to a more comprehensive evaluation of two loaned Navy F-4B’s (designated as the F-110A) but McDonnell had already been planning a purpose-built tactical fighter version of the F-4 for the USAF with manual terrain-following radar and TF30 turbofan engines. Designated F-110B this aircraft promised to be an excellent partner to the F-111A (TFX) and quickly gained the support of Defense Secretary Robert McNamara who authorised production of the type in February 1962. The pre-production prototype first flew in November 1963 and the F-110B entered service during the following year.











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The TF30 powered F-4 was a real McAir design study for an optimised tactical fighter for the USAF which also included the manual terrain-following radar and nose-mounted gun.


Reference: World Air Power Journal - McDonnell F-4 Phantom Spirit in the Skies.


The contemporary TF30-P-3 offered 1,500lbs more thrust per engine than the F-4C's J79 but, of course, as we learned from the Spey-powered Phantom there was an increase in drag that completely negated the increase in thrust. As much as I love the Spey-powered Phantom it's sobering to think that the F-4M was 2.5 times the cost of the F-4D.

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McDonnell Douglas F-110C Phantom - 92nd TFS, USAF, 1969












Comrad's superb 'worn' F-4C on the F-4M and with the later style of J79 nozzle from Sundowner's 'S'.
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McDonnell Douglas F-110D Phantom - USAF 'Thunderbirds' Display Team, 1969















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