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Jose de Valle Park, Lakewood, CA

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Been forgetting to post these for quite some time! Like, since early April!!


Not far from my mother-in-laws house is the aforenamed park.  I thought is was a great thing, as one dosen't see an F3D Skyknight all that often.


The memorial is set up like a carrier deck, with as you can see, the island, and representative "ocean" bow wake. The plane, on it's pylon, looks like it's overflying the ship. In some of the pictures you can see these rectangular shapes around the "deck edge galleries". These are bronze plaques listing the names of service men and women who've died in the line of duty.


Here's a link for more on the park itself:




Enjoy the images!









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It sure is good to see Lakewood in such good shape. It's shockingly nice to see it now from where it came as a bedroom town for longshoremen and roughnecks. Nice plane on a stick too, great looking memorial.

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Amazing and beautiful.


EF-10, and ECM/ ESM bird with 4x20 mike mikes.

I'll snivel for one later.

Thanks Kevin, Bitchin' post and wicked pictures.


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