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Did any TMF Mirage 5F was created ? I remember the original TMF Nesher/Dagger mods.


Thanks a lot!!! :good:

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    • By Kaiser1

      View File IAI_Finger IIIA
      IAI_Finger IIIA Fuerza Aérea Argentina
      El proyecto Finger se desarrollo antes y después de la Guerra de Malvinas, un desarrollo conjunto entre la Fuerza Aérea Argentina y la Israel Air Industries, el proyecto contaba con la modernización de los IAI Dagger argentinos.
      Se montaron los nuevos sistemas sobre las células de los Dagger, entre los que se encontraban:

      Radar telemétrico Elta/M 2001b ( para tiros de mayor precisión ).
      Sistemas electrónicos Ferranti.
      HUD Thompson CFS.
      Contramedidas 36 chaff y 36 bengalas.

      El skin es hecho por mi (consideración por los detalles, es el primero que hago), de tipo low vis.
      Descomprimir Finger.rar y pegar la carpeta IAI Finger en "strike fighters/ object/ aircraft/".
      El Finger viene configurado para portar la bomba guiada DARDO 2.
      The Finger project development before and after the Falklands War, a joint development between Argentina Air Force and the Israel Air Industries, the project had modernize IAI Dagger Argentines.
      On new systems Dagger cells, among which were mounted:
      Elta radar telemetry / M 2001b (for more accurate shots).
      Ferranti electronic systems.
      HUD Thompson CFS.
      36 chaff countermeasures and 36 flares.
      The skin is made by me (consideration for details, is the first thing I do), type low vis.
      Unzip Finger.rar and paste the IAI Finger folder in "fighters strike / object / aircraft /".
      The Finger is configured to carry the DART 2 guided bomb.
      Submitter Kaiser1 Submitted 02/05/2015 Category Mirage and Kfir  
    • By dtmdragon

      View File Fictional ‘What if’ Royal New Zealand Air Force A-7 Corsair II Skins
      Fictional ‘What if’ Royal New Zealand Air Force A-7 Corsair II Skins
      As requested in MAKO69’s topic (http://combatace.com/topic/82082-a-lot-of-what-if-ideas-for-the-moders/?do=findComment&comment=658905) here are my RNZAF A-7 re-skins.
      Fact: When the New Zealand Government selected the A-4K Skyhawk for the RNZAF in the late 60’s/ early 70’s the A-7 Corsair II was on the Air Force’s short list along with the F-4 and F-111. A modernised version of the A-7 was again considered in the late 80’s as an alternative to upgrading the RNZAF Skyhawks.
      You will need the stock Third Wire A-7D and A-7E_74 as well as the Mirage Factory A-7D_84 and A-7K_MF
      Instillation: As usual simply drop into your mods folder and allow it to override when prompted, none of the aircraft files will be changed just the skins added.
      Third Wire and Team Mirage Factory
      Submitter dtmdragon Submitted 03/19/2014 Category What If Skins  
    • By dtmdragon

      View File Mirage Factory IDF F-4E Kurnass 2000 for Strike Fighters 2
      Mirage Factory Israeli Air Force F-4E Kurnass 2000 for Strike Fighters 2
      This is a brand new SF2 mod of the Israeli F-4E Kurnass 2000 with a new 3D model.
      This mod has its origins in the SFP1 Mirage Factory F-4E Kurnass but most of the 3D work to create the Kurnass 2000 model has been done by Sundowner.
      The majority of the .ini work is new and specifically for the SF2 environment.
      - Accurate Kurnass 2000 3d model
      - Modernized cockpit and avionics
      - Modernized weapons capability
      - Most advanced version of the F-4E used by the Israeli Air Force
      - Extensive RWR.TGA files and updated RWR.LST
      - All weapons from loadout file included
      INSTILATION: Drop files in to appropriate folders, override when asked to.
      NOTE: Has only been tested/used in a merged install of ALL SF2 titles
      Credit goes to Bunyap and Chaser617 for the F-4EJ Kai cockpit / Avionics which we used as a base for the Kurnass 2000 Cockpit and Avionics. Also credit goes to The Viper Team for their IAF F-16C/D/I which some of the weapons came from. And of course the Mirage Factory Team.
      Submitter dtmdragon Submitted 10/22/2012 Category F-4  
    • By Crusader
      Mirage 5F cockpit made in 2007 by Olivier ANGUILLE (RIP)
      Read README.txt contained in the file for the details.
      The Mirage Factory

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