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Erik, would it be possible to make a copy of the "Recent Topics" list from the forum section also display on the CombatAce home page? In my opinion, being able to see both the most recently started topics and the most recent additions to the download section together in one place was one of the most useful features of the old home page layout.   

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You just asked for it, and now we have it on the main page. Amazing!

What I have seen was a WIP, it just disappeared, but I bet Erik is still working on it as we speak. Thanks Erik, your work and care is very appreciated!

And thanks for asking about it,  KJakker. On the old home page layout, the list proved to be much useful.

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@KJakker  I've been avoiding that busy work on the front page but thanks for pushing me to get it done. And now what ran through my head when I read your post. :rofl:


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      I know that the Cold War era submarine sim "Cold Waters" has a forum over at the SUBSIM website, however, given that long time CA community members Stary and Julhelm are developers for Cold Waters I think it might be good for CombatAce to have a Cold Waters sub-forum in the Naval Simulation section. Alternatively a sub-forum for Killerfish Games as a whole, Pacific Fleet, Atlantic Fleet, and Cold Waters, might be an option.
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