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A pair of F2H-2s from CVA-39 Lake Champlain fly a strike mission against an airfield runway with F9F top cover.

Step 1 F2H Flight Ready to Launch.JPG

Step 2 F2H Lead Launch.JPG

Step 3 F2H Wing Launch.JPG

Step 4 F2H Flight Formed Up.JPG

Step 5 F9F Escort in Position.JPG

Step 6 F2H Flight Engaged by Flak.JPG

Step 7 Enemy Flak Taking Shots at Approaching F2H Flight 1.JPG

Step 8 Enemy Flak Taking Shots at Approaching F2H Flight 2.JPG

Step 9 F2H Flight Feet Dry.JPG

Step 10 F9F Escorts Ready for Action.JPG

Step 11 MiG-15 Fleeing F9F Escorts.JPG

Step 12 F9F Escort Firing on MiG.JPG

Step 13 F2H Lead Target in Sight.JPG

Step 14 F2H Wingman Diving on Target.JPG

Step 15 F2H Wingman Drops Bombs.JPG

Step 16 F2H Lead Diving on Target.JPG

Step 17 F2H Lead Bomb Release.JPG

Step 18 F2H Lead Direct Hits.JPG

Step 19 F2H Lead Trailing First MiG.JPG

STep 20 F2H Lead Kills First MiG.JPG

Step 21 F2H Lead 2nd MiG in Gunsight.JPG

Step 22 F2H Lead Scoring Hits on 2nd MiG.JPG

Step 23 F2H Lead Scoring 2nd MiG Kill.JPG

Step 24 Enemy Flak Taking Shots at Departing Aircraft.JPG

Step 25 F2H Flight Returning Home.JPG

Step 26 F9F Escort Perched Above Departing F2H Flight.JPG

Step 27 F2H Lead Parked.JPG

Step 28 F2H Wing Final Approach.JPG

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