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Odd.... I went right to the post on "Strategic Nodes"


Think of strategic nodes as a rode map between target areas, that the ground forces will follow in an attempt to take over the otherside's Headquarters.


Strategic Nodes are named for target areas defined in the terrain's _targets.ini file. They connect other target areas.


Ground units can only be assigned to strategic nodes.


You can have multiple "ConnectTo" lines, to give some variety.


You can only get a campaign "win" if your ground forces capture the enemy's HQ strategic node.


Make sure you define a path both ways. For example, if the path just goes one way:


A -> B -> C


An army stationed at strategic node C, will never be able to attack the enemy at node B.


The "BasePoint" value, is were the ground battle will take place. If you make this XY the same as the target area, the battle will be in the middle of it. If you want it outside of the city or airfield, vary it by a couple 1000 ft.


An easy way to visualize it, is to print out the desert map, and play connect-the-dots with the strategic nodes TK defined in the stock campaign.



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19 hours ago, Erik said:

Huh ?!

I put in a search for Campaign Building, and found this response to a query which asked about tutorials for Campaign Building.
Unfortunately the link doesn't work.
Any idea where it might be?


Bunyap's guide covers all the essentials".

Hope that clarifies things.

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Oh I see now where confusion arises. I hadn't made it plain enough.

The link actively takes you to a page concerning Campaigns.

But the link does not take you to a page containing "Bunyap's guide" as the original post suggested

I was hoping to find Bunyap's guide, and since it isn't where the link sends me, I was hoping someone would point me to where it now resides.

The Strategic nodes section is not by Bunyap, so I don't think the original post referred to that.

Dave's contribution regarding adding Airforces isn't Bunyap's guide either. And it has a lot of strike-out sections, so I wonder if something has gone wrong there. But it's okay, because I know how to add aircraft to existing Campaigns.

I'd just like to make a Campaign for the Mediterranean scenery, and was hoping for a tutorial to cover all the essentials.

Sorry about the confusion.

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See this post.


Otherwise at this time the content doesn't reside at the offsite link and we have no control over that.

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I guess Bunyap's site must be gone??? I'll run through my bookmarks and hope that i can find it

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I have done a net search for Bunyap stuff, and a lot of it pointed back here with people complaining that the links didn't work any more.

Ironically one thread went through several people offering links to where his weapons guide resided, all of which were bust.

Finally some smug bitch told them where it was hidden, and that smug bitch turned out to be me.

So, I would make an assumption that Bunyap has moved on and his work has not been successfully archived anywhere.

Apart from the Weapons Guide.

Thanks for your offer of searching.

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yeah, apparently his old site in not longer in existence. We (Dave and I) tried contacting him in April 2015 to try and get his max files for the La9/11, so we could get someone to fix the various issues, but to no avail.

sorry it didn't work out!

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Bunyap is very public in the DCS World Community. You should be able to contact him via their forums or through commenting on his YouTube posts.

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Bunyap appears to have been making DCS instructional videos and releasing them to YouTube.

I guested on the SimHQ forum, DCS section, and found a lot of messages from different members asking things of Bunyap, and then asking how he was. There were no replies.

I thought I should mention this.

So I'll leave it at that.

Thanks for your help.

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