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yes, by repainting the R/G/B channels of the relevant TGA's used. 

Extract them, place in the a /Cockpit folder within the aircraft in question's main folder (example: F-15A/Cockpit/*name of tga*), and repaint. You should find listing of them by going line-by-line through the cockpit ini (for the main gunsight's name) and the avionics ini for all the rest. Mind you, there IS a callout (in hexidecimal colors) in the avionics ini for "HUDColor=", but IIRC that won't change the color of the TGAs used.

you will, of course, need a paint program that works with 32 bit TGAs, and when saving won't destroy or damage the alpha channel.

Have fun!! :smile:

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Easy way to change the color in the HUD is to alter the HUDcolor entry in the avionics.ini of the aircraft in question.

I use yellow, because it works well over blue skies and green earth, and desert.

So to get yellow




If you want other colors, you just need to experiment

I believe the first three numbers in the HUDColor entry refer to Red, Green, Blue. I have Red 1.0, Green 1.0, but Blue 0.0: Red+Green makes yellow.

So if you want a blue HUD, it would be 0.0,0.0,1.0,1.0. The fourth number probably refers to intensity, or something, just leave it at 1.0.

I presume using numbers lower than 1.0 for the first three entries would enable you to concoct subtle variations in color

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