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Republic F-84F Thunderstreak - 69 Sqd 'The Hammers', Israeli Air Force, 1967

The Armee de l'Air received its first F-84F Thunderstreaks in 1955 and it was in French service that the Thunderstreak saw its only actual combat during the Suez Crisis of October 1956. French Thunderstreaks from the 3rd Escadre moved to RAF Akrotiri on Cyprus whilst the 1st Escadre were deployed to the Israeli base at Lyddia where they supported the Israeli forces that invaded Sinai on October 29th. Despite seeing intensive action only one F-84F was lost and the tough and rugged aircraft so impressed the Israeli Air Force that they ordered 50 F-84F-70-RE aircraft before the end of 1956. The F-84F-70-RE featured the more powerful J65-W-7 rated at 7,800lbs thrust which helped with the initial climb rate and the combat ceiling and these were among the last Thunderstreak's to roll off the Farmingdale production line in the Summer of 1957.

In 1962 the entire Israeli F-84F fleet was grounded due to the same corrosion of control rods that had affected the F-84F worldwide but they were soon restored to full operational capacity, eventually serving with distinction during the 1967 Six Day War and surviving in Israeli service until 1972 when stress corrosion eventually forced the retirement of the Israeli F-84F fleet.







(I did release this one in SF2 but never did a backstory)

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well, hope you get back to it there some new RAF and aeronaval editions by caf waiting for you!



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