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Su-33 Camo for Su-27M (What if)

Alternative history :

[TRUE] The aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov set sail on 15 October 2016 from the Kola Bay for takin part in Russian agression against Syria. The carrier was accompanied by an ocean-going tugboat, as a precaution due to potential propulsion failure.

The airwing included 6-8 Su-33 fighters, 4 Mig-29K/KUBR multi-role aircraf.

On 14 November 2016, a MiG-29K crashed into the sea after taking off from the carrier.

On 15 November 2016, Admiral Kuznetsov, took part in bombing Syria.

On 3 December 2016, an Su-33 crashed into the sea after attempting to land on the carrier.

[FICTION] On 4 December early in the morning, the aircraft carrier's radar detected more than a dozen unknown air targets approaching their ship. In a panic, the Russians raised all Su-33 fighters to protect their aircraft carrier. But it was too late. In a matter of minutes all Su-33 planes were shot down. To this day it remains a mystery whether these were F-22 stelth aircraft or they were Israeli F-35 aircraft. Some person tells even it was martians.

These cheerless news came to the Kremlin. The news of the loss of all Su-33 aircraft could not be published in the Russian mass media. Dumbfounded militarist propaganda residents, could inadequately respond to such a defeat of their troops. It was decided to hush up the news.

Dmitry Rogozin minister of Defense Industry of Russia, suggested that all existing Su-27M to repaint in Su-33 camouflage colors.

A few days later,  at night at  low altitude, all repainted Su-27Ms flew to Syria and start imitating the presence of the Su-33 in Syria and showed themselves in propaganda TV plots. We are waiting for the further events. BBC News, cpecial report, Syria.

This skin match (original aircraft) https://combatace.com/files/file/15049-su-37-flanker-f/
Or my repack  https://combatace.com/files/file/16722-su-27m-t-10m-original-su-37-repainted/

installation: unpack and copy to your installed before Su-27M or Su-37 folder. Be sure to overwrite the decals folder. It is very important! There is a fix for the  UV grid of the original model, cause of which the second wing had a reflection of the first that the aircraft was disfiguring.


Used Decals from:
NATO Fighters 4+
By Dave (approved by Dave, January 20, 2016)


Skins was drawn based on outlines by Mariusz Wojciechowski and real photos.

 And Skins by me, bazillius

If you like this skin you can copy,  paste,  remake,  redraw use in your pack. I do not care of it.

Kisses, waves, hand shaking and best regards.



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    • By LilLucy
      if ya noticed a couple of minutes a go i posted some ss of my Su-30KI, now im not gonna post it for download because im planning to make it into the 35S with Thrust vectoring and a new cockpit. now..
      what do i use to edit cockpit models? what software needed to design it or any utilities? (the Su-35 cockpit for download dont look so great and i wanna improve on it a lot)
      Secondly, How do i add thrust vectoring nozzles to an aircraft without Thrust vectoring?.
      > The model i use as a base is Marcfighter’s Su-27 and i also have the 37 installed and see it has the nozzles modeled and working.

    • By LilLucy

      Screenshot of my Indonesian skin for a Su-30KI (Marc’s Su-27 with SKM cockpit and better performance mods)
      The 30KI info:
      1997-1998 Sukhoi talks with Indonesia about selling Su-30, in 1998 aircraft was in hurry converted to demonstrator called Su-30KI, rebuilded using "chinese" upgrade kit Su-27SK (but retain air-refueling probe and OLS on right side). Aircraft with number 27 has a new camouflage - white and black waves on old grey background. First flight 06.1998, then shifted to Akhtubinsk air range for tests. Please note that aircraft has nothing in common with real Su-30 except name (it's the only one-seat aircraft with name Su-30!). 
      In 2002 was rebuilt once again, to prototype of upgrade packet of the Su-27s, so it's name was changed to Su-27SMand for export Su-27SMK with new avionics, newest air-to-ground missiles. Bort number 305, camouflage as previous, but more waves on nose of the aircraft and inner surfaces of tail fins. It was presented on MAKS-2003 and many shows.
      My take on the 30KI is a variant if it was modernized the same way Indonesia’s Su-27’s were modernized to the SKM variants
      I’m still new here but i have plans on a Su-35S add on but idk if i can make my own model yet.. 

    • By JosefK
      Was up really late last night and found this database on the world's Su-27 and variants Flankers: http://www.sukhoi.mariwoj.pl/
      Definitely worth a browse and more if one is working anything Flanker from the -27 to the -30, -33, -34, & -35.
      There's even a Su-57 (PAK-FA) page: http://su57.mariwoj.pl/, An Il-76/A-50 page: http://www.sukhoi.mariwoj.pl/a-50.htm, and finally a PDF for Ilyushin Il-18, Il-20, Il-22, Il-38.
      CC: @frtn, @russouk2004, @Dariam  and @FLOGGER23for starters
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      View File E-7A Wedgetail (Stand-In)
      A stand-In for the Boeing E-7A Wedgetail RAAF. Uses Veltro2K's E-767 with acesfakia's MESA radar added. All credit to those modders. 
      Happy Flying!!
      Submitter Trent0001 Submitted 06/14/2020 Category What If Hangar  

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