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Su-30 by KnAAZ Avia Plant (Part II)

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Su-30 by KnAAZ Avia Plant (Part II)

This package presents the Su-30M2, MK2, MKK modifications produced on KnAAZ Avia Plant.

Su-30 are produced at two different factories. Aircraft are distinguished by avionics, seams, camouflage and appearance. On "IRKUT" (Irkutsk Aviation Plant) they rebuild old Su-27 UB\PU to Su-30KN and KM (both without canards) and build new Su-30SM with canards. In this pack there are Su-30s produced at KnAAZ aircraft plant based in Komsomolsk on Amur  (all without canards).


This is the conversion of the old SF1 model in SF2 + new skins


Extract file "Su-30_by_KnAAZ_Avia_Plant_(Part_II).7z" at any temp directory you want.

Move the files to the appropriate locations in your mod folder as usual.

DO NOT FORGET about the DECALS folder! It is very important! There are some fixes for the UV grid of the original model. Without it some part of camouflages be distorted cuz of model's UV issue.




Sukhoy Anniversary Skin

Summer 2011 standard Russia camouflage

Vietnam Green - it is old my skin moved to correct pack

Vietnam Blue

China Gray 2007

First Prototype skin

First Prototype 2005 year

Second Prototype

2 Aggressors skins -that are old my skins moved to correct pack

Third Prototype


Part 1 is here



Skins was drawn based on outlines by Mariusz Wojciechowski and real photoes.

I used these files:

I took some skin details like engines, nozzles, marks, from this skin:
SF2 SU-30SM Flanker Pack Redux 2016 Version 0.99
By viper63a (approved by Wrench, August 16, 2016)

Su-30MK2 for SF1 / WoE Version 1.0
By ivanbasic (approved by Erik, October 4, 2013)

Decals and Weapons:
NATO Fighters 4+
By Dave (approved by Dave, January 20, 2016)

Modern Flanker Cockpit 1.0
By YEYEYE (approved by Dave, October 7, 2014)

And Skins by me, bazillius

Best regards.





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    • By LilLucy

      Screenshot of my Indonesian skin for a Su-30KI (Marc’s Su-27 with SKM cockpit and better performance mods)
      The 30KI info:
      1997-1998 Sukhoi talks with Indonesia about selling Su-30, in 1998 aircraft was in hurry converted to demonstrator called Su-30KI, rebuilded using "chinese" upgrade kit Su-27SK (but retain air-refueling probe and OLS on right side). Aircraft with number 27 has a new camouflage - white and black waves on old grey background. First flight 06.1998, then shifted to Akhtubinsk air range for tests. Please note that aircraft has nothing in common with real Su-30 except name (it's the only one-seat aircraft with name Su-30!). 
      In 2002 was rebuilt once again, to prototype of upgrade packet of the Su-27s, so it's name was changed to Su-27SMand for export Su-27SMK with new avionics, newest air-to-ground missiles. Bort number 305, camouflage as previous, but more waves on nose of the aircraft and inner surfaces of tail fins. It was presented on MAKS-2003 and many shows.
      My take on the 30KI is a variant if it was modernized the same way Indonesia’s Su-27’s were modernized to the SKM variants
      I’m still new here but i have plans on a Su-35S add on but idk if i can make my own model yet.. 


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