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Well... I'm wondering how can one achieve stealth ablilities with this open-nose air intake. I know it's pure fiction but I'm wondering whether it's realistic at any point.

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Interesting - looks pretty good. 

There have been quite a few artists fiction drawings kicking around of what would happen if a certain jet (A-10 etc) was turned into an angled stealth type jet.


Obviously in reality the nose intake died out for a couple of reasons - 1 being the airflow to the engine was not as good as when moved back - and 2 there is no room to put a decent radar in the nose............in fact they even toyed with this with the MiG-21 (Ye-8 ) before going with the MiG-23.

I will note that it was uncertain how the X-32 was going to get around the tiny nose and matter of massive radar return from the fan at the front. 

Stealth fighters are not just about RF and IR stealth like the F-117 pretty much was, you have to have avionics from Star Trek, internal weapons (lots), a lot of internal fuel, and still maintain some traditional performance metrics which needs bigger airframes.



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