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  1. 1/32 Stuka

  2. Su-17M2 cockpit

    Thanks for clearing it up!!! And yah it's my Twitter account ;) what's your T bird account? Dm me and I'll add you
  3. Su-17M2 squadrons

    I've used www.ww2.dk for most of the research as is lists all VVS squadrons and what they flew and when. However I think some units are missing.
  4. Su-17M2 squadrons

    Hmmmmm I'll give it a try!!!!
  5. Hello all. After three days of research I've managed to compile a list of VVS squadrons that flew the M2 variant of the Fitter. Hope you enjoy!! The M2 was the first all weather day or night variant of the Fitter, it was also the last variant to see large scale service before the Mig-27 and Su25 became the more numorus soviet strike and attack aircraft. Seeing action in the Iran Iraq war and the Libyan Chad war. The M2 was built from 1976 till 1978.
  6. Su-17M2

  7. Su-17M2 cockpit

    Exactly, plus being a first gen Su-17 I'd have thought it would have been black and grey
  8. Su-17M2 cockpit

    I hope so!!!!! IM DYING TO FIND OUT!!!
  9. Hello all!!!! So I'm building my picture/model collection of the Fitter family, however I can't find anywhere any references for the Su-17M2 cockpit!! Was it all grey? Or black panel and grey like the M? The sole picture I have is from a wall poster, I'll add it below. If anyone has a genuine picture of a Su-17 M2 cockpit I'd greatly appreciate it. This is the only "picture" of a Su-17M2 cockpit I can find anywhere!!! Only I don't trust it!!
  10. Sukhois

    Hope the fitters are going well!!!!
  11. 1/72nd and 1/48th Su-7 and Su-17 kits

    Photos of my model Fitter collection
  12. Pepelevs favorite fitter

    I was going off usesers that could have bought it, LSK for a mig-17 replacement in the attack role and a temporary stop gap before the Su22s
  13. Pepelevs favorite fitter

    Again this is a FICTIONAL aircraft service career. This post is about the Swpet wing Su-20 prototype had it gone into service.
  14. Hello all, I've re-written my S-32MK post, and included stats and figures, service career and operators!! Happy reading!

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