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  1. I think it looks good, although it would look even better in that grey/ white colour the Irish use
  2. This looks fabulous!!!! If only Russia actually built this thing
  3. I'll check out the Warsaw Pact section!, and the fitters are top of my list for downloads thanks for the help lads!!
  4. So I've got a new PC and I'm having to try redownload everything! What's the advice for good quality mods! My interest for mods are anything 1970s/ early eighties and anything from the Warsaw Pact. If there's anyone who knows any good mods for this subject fire away!
  5. Soviet era propaganda films

    There's this old east german one with some funky music
  6. Sukhois

    I'm loving how this is looking guys!!
  7. Su-17

  8. Sukhois

    I'm loving it 😁😁
  9. Sukhois

    Very, very, very nice!!!! Are you guys working on a M2 as well?
  10. Sukhois

    Can't wait to get behind a Sukhoi 😜
  11. IMG_0630.JPG

  12. Sukhois

    Ohhhhhh fair enough then.... if I ever seem like I'm getting unsure about anything it's because I just want my favourite jet to be done right.... and indeed it has been βœŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸΌβ˜ΊοΈ Good job!!!!
  13. Sukhois

    Looking good!!!!! I mean personally not too sure on the left/ right down views but it looks fantastic

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