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i´m working on the Mk.77 fire bomb series and i have finished the MK77 mod4 , mod 5 and mod 6 , i would like to make the Mk77 mod2 and or mod 3 as well but i would need some more detail pictures of this bomb in particular of the front and rear as well as the filler holes

this are the pictures i have of this Mk77 mod2 or mod 3 bombs , i have no idea what kind of igniter and fuze was used here , so if you have some info or good pictures of this particular bomb pleas send them to me , i NEED them  :please:



this is what i have finished so far

Mk77 mod4




Mk77 mod 4 with AN-M23A1 igniter and Fuze



Mk77 mod 5



Mk77 mod 6 without the thread in the front and rear igniter cavity





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Could you tell me the year range for the mod 2 and mod 3 bombs when they were in service.

That is because my filing system is in terms of aircraft models and their year in service.


I'll try looking for them.


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they are used during the Vietnam war and a short time after , and i find them only with the USMC dont know if the USN used them


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1 hour ago, ravenclaw_007 said:

they are used during the Vietnam war

The first photo in your first post appears in a book entitled: US Marine Corps F-4 Phantom II Units of the Vietnam War. Osprey Combat Aircraft 94

not much details mentioned in that book.

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for now I have only these pages from tac manual...I will check for more.






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thanks a lot , with the info material that i got from Durasoul and yarkarov i can build that MK77 mod 0 and mod 2 , THANK YOU gentlemen  :salute:

i now only need a picture of the filler cap for the MK77 mod2 , if anybody comes across one please send it to me

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I didn't these bombs... great ! Thanks !!! :good:

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