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  1. daddyairplanes you seem to have some kind of attachment to the big birds
  2. In late 1990, aircrews were dispatched to Tabuk, Saudi Arabia to perform practice missions with the use of ALARMs Real I use a Sim to simulate the Real aircrews who simulated real attack missions.. My salute to the aircrews for their service! (btw, I like this ALARM initial operational config. because it looks like some swords were carried by the Tornados!)
  3. Regarding the recent events in Crimea, the 113 squadron "Gazelle"/"Light" dispatched a Photo recon mission using the ol' trusty Phantom Screenies of fantasy: RF-4Es from Eskisehir to Crimea and back, 1434 km Thank you all who contributed to this mod. I enjoy the Recce Phantom very much(you can see me playing around with the "Super size flashbang" ). I'm sorry guys I'm not aware if there's a Crimea map for SF2. I used the NA map for its good looking water.
  4. RECCE_01

    For in-game screenies.
  5. ALARM for the Iraqis.. time to get up Mandatory screenie: Anola Kay with Check Six, from Tabuk with love
  6. 4 MiG-31 run out of fuel

    I am not sure about the exact model of the MiG-31s that are involved in the incident. I think a safe guess would be a variant of at least having MiG-31BM-equivalent standards. If that's the case I don't understand why the entire flight of 4 MiGs that EACH had used up a typical mission load of internal fuel of 13,700 litres of jet fuel without anyone noticing sth were wrong... 31BM has some reasonably good avionics; Even the 1st Gen planes have fuel indications like the Mirage F1s, 2000s. tiles for empty tanks would light up. Note MiG-29 like fuel gauge
  7. The light of a Classic does not fade. Thank you Sundowner! Off-topic: did the FA2 participate in any major conflicts throughout its service? umm Kosovo?
  8. Winchester. even Tigers hiding from the "Flogger"
  9. Thank you Carlo! A few months ago I downloaded I believe to be the RT-33 skin done by you and that was some detailed and accurate job. By the way, take your time on the Ginas. Quality work takes time to finish. Cheers! Yan
  10. @guuruu MATRA/BAe Dynamics ALARM MATRA/BAe Dynamics won a contract for 750 missiles in 1983 Originally, delivery was scheduled in 1986 but Unfortunately the development of the "Nuthatch" rocket motor (missile's engine) ran into problems.. results in delay Later undergone testes in USN Naval Weapons Center at China Lake using modified Red Top AAM Missile Motor(Yes, guidance & mission control units were the whole point at that time) in 1987, German firm MBB/Bayern Chemie and later LFK designed a new rocket motor for the ALARM in 1990, the weapon was certified at China Lake in JAN 1991, operational on RAF Tornado GR Mk.1(in most cases, 3 missiles were carried under the belly; although later a typical load was 3 under belly 2 on INNER wing pylons(both facing outwards) Specs: Length 4240 mm Diameter 230 mm Weight 268 Kg(although weight should be in Newton, anyway) Range(High alt launch) Brochure: 58 miles; 93 km/ 28 miles; 45 km (depends on source data) Hope that helps
  11. Photo: Corporal Mike Jones/MOD Note that the rear Brimstone launcher is slightly angled down to make clearance either for the ordnance at the front/LITENING pod as shown. these are some of the many details on the Tonkas alone. That said, we could improve them step by step. Mods by definition are the improvement made by the modders in our community.
  12. I agree. In some cases the Big Jugs are carried under, a missile with drop-down start with hit those tanks no doubt. EDIT: *will hit those tanks no doubt. Meanwhile, there's a site called Air Power Australia by Dr. Kopp, the articles there are peer-reviewed so it's reliable source a page about the ALARM: http://www.ausairpower.net/alarm-armat.html And this is to guuruu: I will find as much as I could on that ALARM for you

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