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  1. Mirage F-1EDA

    By Staff Sgt. Lee F. Corkran (DF-ST-92-07749) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons The Qatari Mirage F1EDA would be a great addition to the existing series. It adds "diversity" especially to the ODS simmers. Thank you ludo.m54, I 've always enjoy your team's work. .. In memory of BPAO.
  2. F-16 Cockpits with NVG

    The pack includes a total of 42 (sub)variants of the night vision gear compatible cockpit configurations of the F-16 series aircraft. It covers versions of all 4 initial NATO partners Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway. 16AM, BM The above represents the upgraded version, the MLU. It is night-vision systems compatible, which is correct. Other variants covered are of some other NATO members Greece, Poland etc. and Middle East operators Egypt, Israel and Turkey. 16C_Bk25, 30, 32, 40, 42, 50, 50+, 52, 52+ 16CM 16D 16I The 16C Bk40 (early) depicted. Conclusion: 1. The night-vision effect is like a color filter thing to me. does it do anything? It is frankly a subjective opinion. I would say I definitely need it if I plan to have fun doing night missions in SF2 NA. (the tight valleys you know..) 2. Team Viper has done a magnificent job on the cockpits obviously. They are simply gorgeous. Thank Team Viper and Ravenclaw for the mod!
  3. Sikorsky RH-53D Sea Stallion over Persia

    To me Jarek is the AgustaWestland,, Eurocopter like guru making helos for us, for SF2. wondering if he was planning on a dauphin model..
  4. F-16C Eielson AFB 18th Aggressor SQ Skins

    Thank you very much. Though haven't downloaded them yet they're looking cool. I like the 2nd one from the right, in particular. (off-topic) May I ask what is the terrain in the background? coz tree lines, buildings are looking great. Yan
  5. My sketches

    Some personal work.
  6. @JonathanRL I apologize to you Jonathan. I jumped to conclusions. I downloaded your mod(the 39C and 39D model pack, if not mistaken) which could be an early release. I saw the engine instrumentation and the ADI(on the MFD) and also some HUD symbology looked different from the things I have in my mind. I'm not aware there's is an updated version in your Scandinavian Front Mod... I didn't think of myself being offensive. I am Sorry. @Wrench I apologize to you Kevin. You have been kind and friendly. I remembered you shared with me about the easter egg things in the Kamchatka terrain mod. I enjoyed these mods and their efforts. Indeed I am very sorry. @daddyairplanes I apologize to you daddyairplanes(didn't have opportunity to know your name). I know you wanted to see if I have any relevant skills needed. I am very sorry. @yakarov79 @ravenclaw_007 I owe you two an apology too. I am sorry Jerek and Ravenclaw_007. I put you on the stage and that leads to unnecessary comparison between you and other modders. That's totally unwanted. I am sorry. Yan.
  7. Mates, I know I seem to be picky on stuff and that makes me look like a prick. I am sorry. I am not intended to offense anybody. (new topic) I saw somebody mentioned about the rearward-firing torpedo; funny looking ECM pod before. And many thanks to Ravenclaw he made the ELT/555 and the Remora pod available to us. And there is a rare(to my little knowledge) ECM pod: The Westinghouse QRC-335-3 ECM pod, circa 1966-68. P.S. My intention has always been sharing my views, things I have collected among ourselves- the aviation enthusiasts.
  8. JonathanRL, I see. I'm not using that model... :( :( I 'll try the one in the Scandinavian Front pack before making my comments. Jonathan you are one of the modders that I respect.
  9. @Wrench Thanks Kevin, you've always been so kind and helpful. I deeply appreciate that. I lacked the understanding that we have few 3ds max modelers who work on airplanes. I thought there were more. And I don't want to be rude and impolite for pointing out this and that of someone's work. Maybe later on when I further try out the Gripen I will attach shots to better illustrate my points. @daddyairplanes Thank you for the frank advice. Now I can see I have to overcome that little challenge and start learning 3ds max things. It's true that we cannot expect others who would always have the models we desire.
  10. I am sorry for haven't made myself clear. And that's true, I am in fact a newbie for SF2. I have been downloading and testing out some of the mods available here by other members. My "modding" skills are very limited that could barely be referred to as "modding" skills: just managing mod folders, mod folder structures, looking up data in the _DATA.ini; adding sound file entries to the SOUNDLIST.ini etc. That is the reason why I proposed the aircraft to the MODDERs so that they could decide whether or not to go ahead and build it. To be honest, I agreed 100% with you that I could only finally get this beautiful model that i want so bad only if others share the same interest with me. My point is that I could help by gathering technical data(that is available to us), detailed drawings, cockpit details, avionics etc. even I don't know how to do some 3D CAD things/building 3D models.
  11. Dear all, As the title implies, I am writing proposing a new detailed model of the SAAB JAS-39 Gripen for future modding projects to our modders in the community. Rationale: "Who can deny the joy it brings When you've found that special thing..." Seriously, one could hardly forget the satisfaction and enjoyment that brought by a well-built model like the Mirage F1 series available here (I said that before) doing all the ground attack stuff, SEAD,.. That might serves as our special way to honor the great designs; maybe also the innovative, risk-taking designs in the aviation history. Secondly, it's easy to see why a multi-role airframe is more preferable to a pure fighter. We DO expect a model that we've devoted our time on its development to be able to perform missions other than just CAP, fighter sweep and interception all day long. Moreover, it could serve as a beautiful weapons test bed for some of our weapon systems modders around. To me, the Gripen is the next Viper(F-16). I believe this project would spawn an airframe that would fit many future scenarios/terrains projects offered by our friends. How can I help: I am readily available to offer my help to whom it may show his interest on my proposed project on the Gripen. My philosophy on SF2 modding/playing is that I would prefer a model that has acceptable details and accuracy up to the best available data we could collect than something Looking fancy but everything else we have to guess... It doesn't concern me if it's an early model Gripen say 39A as long as it's accurate. I 've found some resources showing details of the Gripen. Due to our site policy on the copyrighted materials I would not post them here but I could "lend" some of them just PM me. A few examples:
  12. Agreed 100%. As a newbie myself, I started by questioning like "Nah, this missile can't be that accurate; holy **, those bombs just ain't that effective..." One eventually at least try to take a look at the DATA.inis That's when somebody really begin to enjoy the game(and recognise its possibilities & limitations)
  13. These beauties once again remind us SF2 actually has the potential to extend its mission type to include "Combat Search And Rescue" Thanks mate!
  14. File Attribution: Mil.ru [CC BY 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons I just wonder if there's someone who's working on/planing to work on this little beauty.
  15. Sth to add, Like Snailman said, installing both the game and the mod folders on an SSD would make things a lot easier. My SF2 launches within a few seconds. Cheers mate!

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