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  1. Unknown Maverick models

    This thread is supposed to be closed but I found that the USAF has its own laser guided version of the Mavericks. What I found could be the AGM-65L Original Photo on Wikimedia Commons, A-10 Staff Sgt. Christopher Willis [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons If you zoom in you could see the marking.. (I could be wrong though)
  2. The last day of the year 2018.. This year I joined CombatACE and enjoyed lots of great mods here by the modding mastersssss.. Mandatory: Out of Edwards, go testing the AGM-130, that is one hell of a standoff weapon guys Happy New Year!
  3. Screenshots taken while testing out my little idea. Missiles are the 65Ds from Ravenclaw's great AGM-65 pack, the test plane A-7K by Mirage Factory. For the smoke effect, I borrowed from tiopiloto's Strela-2 MANPAD.. Several lines in the AGM-65D_data.ini had been changed: BoosterStart=0.000000 BoosterDuration=3.200000 BoosterAccel=10.017000 BoosterEffectName=S5 BoosterSoundName=Strela-2 BoosterNodeName= BoosterPosition=0.000000,-1.280000,0.000000 SustainerDuration=3.490000 SustainerAccel=2.170000 SustainerEffectName=S5 SustainerSoundName= SustainerPosition=0.000000,-1.280000,0.000000 This results in a nice smoke trail which disappear once the sustainer is burnout. Without the MissileInFlightEffect the Maverick flies clean towards target. You may or may not like it depends on personal thoughts. I find it a better gaming experience.
  4. Unknown Maverick models

    There actually is a version of this color combination missile Wikimedia commons
  5. Unknown Maverick models

    RoyKabanlit [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], from Wikimedia Commons Another AGM-65B training version, White aft section with grey "SCENE MAG" seeker
  6. Unknown Maverick models

    We should never judge by the missile's color. Example, due to the "SCENE MAG" markings which stand for Scene Magnification, this is an 65B training round on a RNZAF A-4K aircraft. (Copyright Carlo Kopp, Air Power Australia 1992, 2005)
  7. Unknown Maverick models

    Ravenclaw, I have been thinking on this for a while and now I have another idea. I could have made mistakes by sorting the missiles according to their colors. Back to the very beginning, the AGM-65D differ from the AGM-65B (not considering the colors) mainly by the IIR seeker that enables a 24/7, all weather attack capabilities, and the warhead has not been changed; the same 57 Kg shape charge warhead. If we follow this logic and we could easily deduce that the conversion of both the 65D and the 65B back to a version that shares the same CCD seeker would produce a version of the same capabilities, therefore both named the AGM-65H. The 65H has two possible original rockets therefore it makes sense for having 2 different looking 65H missiles: One with OD motor, white seeker(65D > 65H) while the other all white(65B > 65H) The AGM-65H2 could be new produced missiles, not converted ones. Following the same logic I assume the K would have grey motor, white seeker
  8. Unknown Maverick models

    Think of those military sim developers, scale model kits manufacturers and aviation publishers.. Whole bunch of information to organize! I have a few publications myself, not about the aviation industry though.
  9. Unknown Maverick models

    And Ravenclaw, if you plan to further enrich the Mavericks collection(for SF2) you 'll have to do lots of skinning work HAHA ;) btw, in SF2 weapons editing do we have the lofting capability option for the non ARMs say, the 65D Maverick? Never messed with the CapabilityFlag= XXXX before..
  10. Unknown Maverick models

    Have a look on this 65H2 clearly marked on the body And it is All White
  11. Unknown Maverick models

    Thank you very much for the information on the CCD seeker/guidance section upgrade, RC. People might see me as bit lazy for not researching info. on my own. My thinking is that there are of course lots of information on the internet, yet few of them are really credible. I'd prefer instead ask you guys for my better understanding on stuff I'd like to know about.. Yes, neglecting the Navy's own upgrade plan on the AGM-65F(to re-seeker to the CCD; thus become the 65J) the Air Force's AGM-65H and K both have the same CCD seeker. But the marking "HK2" could mean that a further upgraded "Version 2" CCD seeker is in place on both versions of the missile. To clarify, I mean 1) Olive Drab motor section, Plain White "HK2" seeker section could suggest it as the AGM-65K2 ; bigger 136 Kg penetrating warhead like the K/G2/G/E, further improved 65K 2) All White motor section, seeker section "HK2" could suggest it as the AGM-65H2 ; original 57Kg blast warhead like the A/B/D/D2/H, further improved 65H I found a photo for case 2. upload later. Secondly, the missile from my third picture clearly has an opaque seeker like the 65Ds that should not be the CCD seeker What is that model? the 65D2?? don't know
  12. I was watching some videos on public domain about the Air Force personnels who help loading weapons for some training sorties.. The Maverick missiles appear to be some newer variants that I haven't seen before (through any media). Funny thing is that they have mixed colors Olive Drab for the motors while some plain White ,some Grey (like the 65F) What are those models ??
  13. Speaking of testing/experimental schemes.. I have some weird feelings(in favor of them) towards them. Maybe I'll make some flight test skins for my favourite aircrafts after I've learnt how to make one. In the meantime, mandatory: Marine Attack Training Squadron 203, stationed in Cherry Point but exercise in the south west.. My imagination of Marines doing SEAD, loadouts could be unrealistic..

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