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About Galicja front

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Folks, is there any a sort of "Order of Battle" or wich aircraft units that fought on Galicja front? Wich planes and units? More specific the german Jastas. Thanks!

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No german Jastas in the East Front. The german and austrian fighters were attached to the two-seater units in small quantities. In 07/01/17 Jadgflieger Ober-Ost was formed (basically an ad-hoc fighter unit with planes from the two seater units, similar to the KEKs of Western Front in 1915-16). This unit moved out the Galician front in August and came back in September, It became Jasta 81 in October 1917, the only Jasta in the entire Eastern Front.

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In the field units of the German aviation of that era, the principle of the diversity of the machines adopted was dominant. Of the linear machines at the beginning of the war, of course, Albatrosses of all early types, as well as Rumplers, Aviatiks, LVG and DFW. In the summer of 1917 - Albatrosses from C.III to C.X, Rumplers mainly C.Ia, and DFW C.V. Roland C.II "Whales" were sometimes met in Galicia and the Baltic in the form of single specimens. Of the fighters, first are the Pfalz eindekkers, and of course the Fokkers. The Fokker E was the most massive fighter of the German Army on the Eastern Front. The first armed eindekkers by Fokker E.II - they began to operate in the winter of 1915-16. Of the D-type biplanes - Halbershtats, Fokkers and Rolands (there were most of them), from the end of the summer of 1917 they were gradually superseded by the Albatros D.III of the OAW production.
The German Aces on the Eastern Front at the time of the "peak" of their victories flew on the following planes: Hans Pipparth - a Roland D. II, K. Gallwitz - a Roland D. III, G. Knappe - the Albatross D. II. Only Pippart (who fought from February 1916 to April 1917) and Leopold Anslinger became the Ases on the Eastern Front.
Wilhelm Frickert on the Eastern Front scored 7 victories, but only 2 of them fell on airplanes (“Voisin” type), and the remaining 5 accounted for balloons. Karl Gallwitz "earned" in the East Iron Crosses of the 1st and 2nd classes, but both for 2 Russian balloons.  https://warspot.ru/7408-tsveta-voennogo-neba-asy-dvuh-kayzerov-na-vostochnom-fronte

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Over the years, the modders at Combat Ace have made a pretty comprehensive addition to FE that rivals the stock game. If you are building your Eastern Front:

I recommend ojcar's campaigns - Armchair Aces over Galicia. The list of planes is long but it matches what Crawford posted pretty closely - using whatever planes we have available for FE.


I also recommend Capitaine Vengeur's medals and pilots from his Beyond the Western Front series



Both of them did a lot of research to make everything as accurate as possible.

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