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I'm an idiot user, but can plainly see that EAW versions of games are best served by having more than one forum.  After all, if the primary depositary goes extinct, where will all the info reside?

We have all seen extinct sites, and doing so is a very sad thing because all the work the modders that contributed to such extinct sites was in vain.  So, let's not let it happen again.  As is said in the armed forces, "Two is one, and one is none".  

May I ask that EAW users not only post on alternate sites, but copy and paste their comments/posts here?  Doing so would support the game overall, not to mention this site. The primary goal is support of the EAW/UAW sim, and NOT any particular Site.  FWIW, I have zero connection in regards this site.

I humbly ask your consideration for the good of the EAW sim, and all its variants.


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You're certainly no idiot user, but a very enthusiastic one who has contributed to reigniting my own interest in this great game. In response to your call, I have posted a few screenshots of how EAW can look nowadays in another thread I've created ('European Air War in 2019').

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