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A Different ME 262 Scenario Suggestion

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1 hour ago, VonBeerhofen said:

I wouldn't advice anyone to use Jel's target editor, it has a steep learning curve not only to learn how to edit the targets and place objects but also because of the relation between various files like tardata.dat, targets.dat and airfield.dat etc. We both know it would require at least several months to even start grasping how things work. Ofcourse anyone is welcome to give it a try but I've seen many give up.

Seriously, where do you come up with this stuff?

The latest version of the target editor is a piece of cake to use and the learning curve is one day, NOT a couple of months,

Plus, the relationship between the files you mention are automatically dealt with by the editor, the user doesn't have to do a thing.

The REALITY, is that it's a lot of fun to use your imagination and come up with new configurations for the targets. And as I mentioned, you can share your efforts with other players.

Surely you can agree, sharing things among EAW players is the best way to keep the game alive.






The hitbubble table is a much easier thing to edit and easily explained too. With a few notes it would probably take a week or so to understand how to edit it in a hexeditor or with one of Jel's tools. The question is wether it would result in interesting improvements as much time was already invested into getting the most out of it in EAWPRO.

Personally I believe that various theatres will have enough diversity to keep people interested without saddling them up with learning what you and I learned. To RiBob I can only say that there's nothing easy in EAW except perhaps loading a complete addon/theatre and you don't want to spend years of your life to figure it all out if you're not totally committed to doing so.


C'mon, a week? Well, maybe for hexediting but not with the TMOD editor utility.

The hit bubble editor is built into the individual TMOD.dat editor along with a number of other data points. One look at the way it displays data and even a newbie could be making changes inside of an hour.

I don't think you realize your comments are elitist in nature and could very well discourage new players from attempting to add something new to the game.

Personally, I think it does the community more service to encourage people to explore the world of modding and NOT make it sound like such a daunting task.


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