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SF2 has now started CTD when I delete Waypoints in Single Mission Editor

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Hello gents,

My full SF2 install has suddenly (circa a month or so ago) started crashing to desktop whenever I delete a waypoint in Single Mission Editor.  I've also noticed that it crashes more commonly on start-up, but after a couple of attempts, it'll launch to the Main Menu Screen.  However, if I delete a Single Mission Waypoint then it'll crash.  

I've moved my modded folders to an external HDD and re-installed SF2E and the Exp Packs and yet the crashes still occur.  Any help would be massively appreciated.

The only hardware upgrade I've done to my PC recently was to upgrade my GPU from a 980TI to a 1080TI; it definitely worked fine when I first did this but I have read the Nvidia thread on here that some users have had problems with recent software updates (I've made sure that my Effects aren't on "Unlimited" although none of the issues I've read in that thread seem to match what my issue is).  I did a search but couldn't find any similar CTDs either so I'm rather stumped.

PC specs are in my sig if that helps.  Thanks in advance.

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    • By JamesWilson
      Hi everyone,
      I recently got into weapon modding and wanted to edit some missiles.
      I went for the Weapons Folder with the Weapons Editor, and some weapons were missing, even tho i can see them and equip them in-game.
      I wanted to edit the AA-2D Atoll for my Su-22M3, but there's no AA-2 folder inside Weapons folder, nor inside plane folder, even tho the missile is equippable and i can see it/use it in-game.
      Since there's no Atoll folder, i have no idea how is it possible for me to have it in-game, and even less i know on how am i supposed to edit it through Weapons Editor, since i can't select the folder.
      I thought it may be a sort of "built-in-game" missile and for this reason not showing in weapons folder (idk i just made an hypothesis).
      So i tried using the CAT Extractor, but seems like not working... no matter which CAT file i select, it says "error opening this .CAT file, no files can be extracted", how's that? How do i fix it? Am i doing something wrong?
      Thank you in advance for helping me fixing all these issues or helping me find what i'm doing wrong
    • By JamesWilson
      after seeing the TMF F-14 has wrong and inaccurate speed and fuel indicators, i found out the default Third Wire F-14 has working and accurate ones, but i dont wanna use it cause the TMF Tomcat is better and the cockpit too more realistic too, so can you switch the speed and fuel indicators on the TMF F-14 with the default Third Wire F-14? And for fuel too? Do you need to 3D model and/or do something else other than edit some text files?
       And is it or it's not possible to do?
      Down here are 2 pictures from the correct cockpit in the default Third Wire F-14:

      And 2 from the TMF F-14 (the inaccurate one):

      Thanks for helping.
    • By JamesWilson
      Hi everyone,
      I was wondering how to customize the numbers after your callsigns, since it always gives me the same ones.
      I think i managed somehow once, a bit of time ago, but now i forgot and have no idea how to.
      I'm not talking about how to customize the callsign name, but the unit number after it.
      As you can see in the Roster and in the picture under, i get "Fast Eagle 1-1" and "Fast Eagle 1-2"
      Here are some examples:

      The numbers on the tail, wing and nose numbers are customized, cause i managed how to change them, choosing them individually for each unit in the mission file by changing "AircraftNumber=" and typing the number, like "2" (as for 202). It doesn't change by typing the whole number tho, like 202 by typing 202, but it goes by typing the number that corresponds to the list of numbers you have. For example, In a list that goes from 200 to 400, you will have to type 10 to get 300. Here i just typed "2" and "7" since the list starts from 200

      IIRC, in the past i just used to type the Aircaft number just like that, and in-game i had the proper number after the callsign, like "Fast Eagle 102", not just the number displayed on the plane livery.
      How do i do? I'm pretty sure that it's possible to have "Fast Eagle 102" on my screen HUD and in the Roster
      Thanks in advance for helping me.
    • By thejackie
      Greetings, first of all. This game is AMAZING, and it is one of the few good sims (or light-sims) that'll actually run on my laptop, it has a lot of variety and I seriously love that... I'd just like to know how to mod it better, you see, I've downloaded TONS of aircraft and, up to this point, they've all appeared on the list no problem whatsoever.
      The main problem is the weapons, now, I don't know what I messed up or how I did, but there's a lot of weapons missing, some of them pretty important. I'm looking for someone that can walk me trough this and give me some tips in the way.
      by the way, if you want to know which exactly are my addons, they're mostly aircraft and weapons, all of them ripped from the desert storm mod over to "vanilla" sf2, since I can't run the desert storm mod. 
      I'm willing to do a lot of work to get my game back in order and I hope I can get some help.... with nothing more to add, I await for some pointers, thanks beforehand.
    • By Coupi

      View File AIM-97A Seekbat for SF2
      What if Mod : AIM-97A Seekbat for SF2

      1) History
          Studied by General Dynamics, the Seekbat tested under the designation XAIM-97 was a USAF 
          attempt to field a long range AAM for intercepting the Foxbat.
          This 590 kg air-to- air weapon was a SAHM. Its speed was Mach 3+ and its range was 90 km.
          The Seekbat was another Standard missile derivate...

      2) Installation
          This AAM uses the AGM-78 LOD file from Strike Fighters 2.
          I have repainted the tile and created the needed files with the TW Weapon Editor.

          Put the "Objects" folder to your SF2 Directory

          In order to fire it you could fly the Thirdwire F-15A and you need edit the data.ini of the plane 
          and add "SAHM" entry to this file :
              // Weapon Stations --------------------------

      3) What if story 
          1980 over Europe : the AIM-97A Seekbat is in operational service !

      Its your turn now !

      Coupi ;)
      Submitter Coupi Submitted 11/01/2022 Category Single Ordnance Files  

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