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1983 DDR Mig-23 mini doc

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Hope you all have a decent translation thingy.  For comedic purposes let google do its “magic” !  Sorry I’m posting this using my phone so can’t embed the vid.  Perhaps someone with mod privileges can edit this. Thanks in advance.



That awkward porno like 1980’s music 😁

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iPhone is bad
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The movie was for internal use in NVA (east german military) only. It was never broadcasted in TV or cinema.

Some interesting aspects about it.

First: The ABA Netzeband (emergency runway), which is seen in the movie is situated on the Autobahn A24 which connects Hamburg and Berlin. This Autobahn was built in the 80th because Westgermany wanted such a fast connection between Westberlin and Hamburg. Westgermany payed for this Autobahn and so Eastgermany  was able to built some emergency airfields with westgerman money.


The ABA Netzeband is to seen up today. Only the parking areas for the planes are now used as resting areas for drivers and for petrol stations. The petrol stations still use the underground tanks for airplane fuel.


Second: The Flak crews were not manned by east german military. It were militia men called "Kampfgruppe"

Third: If you look carefully you will see some girls in the east german ground crews. In EastGermany girls were allowed to become technicians, but not pilots.


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