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3DZ Modelling and RS sequence (limited)

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What can experienced users tell me about EAW 3DZ modelling, RS and tools?

I'm not trying to build anything specific and I don't have a whole lot of time to learn, But highlights would be favorable.

Like I know for EAWv1.2 there are specific programs used. I think I have them all. Unfortunately some are DOS , some are WindowsOS usage.
I know you plan out the model before you begin using the 3DZ Studio program (which one is best?)
How would I keep the RS in check as I add to the model?


Thank you in advanced for the help and tips.


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If no one can provide details, can someone provide these tutorials:
These should help me out alot in learning.

-Shreck's 3dz Studio tutorial

-Chompy's RS tutorial

-Gurney's RS (BSP) Tutorial

-RS pseudocode from MPS developer

-Moggy's manual RS adjustment method

-Crashin' Jack's 3dz tutorial

Thank You in advance.

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I'm still working on the 3DZ Modeling Help Doc I have made much progress, however I have not received much recent help besides a bunch from EAWPRO developer , VBH.
All other information is coming from old threads and old web sites.
I do have some notes and small tutorials but none of the ones listed above.

I will only get so far with the help doc and then I will eventually need to get more info or questions answered before the rewritten edited text will possibly come to a halt.

I'm eager to complete this document as it will help new modelers or hopefully existing ones as well.


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I have made much progress on this help doc. However, If anyone is waiting for me to complete it, please don't wait to long as I have taken a break from it.

I have to learn the software provided to fill out steps and notes about the 3DZ Studio program.

Do I think the doc will got into very complicated stuff?,  perhaps a slite step in that direction, but the information out there is complcated to decipher at this point. I need to find time to learn.



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Well I still wait for help with this 3DZ modeling doc, here is the mess I have now. I pretty much ran out of time to indulge and it got to complicated for little o-me.



(Still in need of help, however I've heard the RS explanation and use is ridiculously hard)


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