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    Modding, skinning, and specially, badass planes...
  1. Argentinian F-16A MLU flying alongside USS George Washington during PASSEX 2025...
  2. Yes, it uses the fakepilot method, though I don't have a fakepilot on my mod folder since I installed everything from zero. Do you know any mods that have one?
  3. Hi, I need help: recently I downloadedthe foreign operator M2000 pack, and while playing with the M2000-9 I noticed the legs of a pilot hanging out of the belly. Any way to solve this? I tried editing the inis but nothing changed
  4. Yes, it's exactly what you think...
  5. LODViewer

    Hi, I downloaded the LODviewer, used it to make several mods, now the thing is that I've been working on a F-16 based on the TW Netz, though the app seems to not open the .LOD file even with the CAT File Access activated. Here's a screenshot of the app error and settings. I hope you can solve my problem.
  6. Working on something, this time is not a what if...
  7. Kfir-C2 _Ecuadorian Air Force

    Superb aircraft, where can I get the templates?
  8. In 1987, India sold some of its F-4E's to Argentina. These F-4's were also upgraded to the E2 standard by Israel in the year 1997, giving them the same air superiority grey paint-scheme and AIM-120 capability. The difference between Argentinian and Indian E2's was that the Indian Phantoms could carry some russian missiles and precise guided weapons. The planes flew together over Israel in 1997, when the last E2 was delivered to India.
  9. The F-4E2 "Pret" is a F-4E Phantom variant used by the Indian Air Force. After buying 20 Phantoms in 1982, the Indian Air Force updated them to the "Pret" standard in 1995, allowing the Phantoms to carry AIM-120s and more modern ordinance. These planes stayed in service until 2020, when they were replaced by a batch of 24 Su-30MKIs.
  10. Argentina's Mirage 2000-AR performing Close Air Support and Combat Air Patrol missions during Operación Darius.
  11. Great work my friend! I would love to see (and fly) the Super Sabres too!
  12. Su-35S Flanker-E VKS

    Absolutely amazing! I´m going to need a template on this one...
  13. F/A-18S Southern Hornet from the Argentinian Air Force during a display in El Palomar. These planes were bought in the year 2000 as part of the Peace Albatross plan, wich supplied the Southern Hornet to Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Modifications included the adoption of an israeli radar and french made avionics.
  14. I desperately need that J-10 model, where can I get it? Mandatory screenie: "what if" MiG-29AR Fulcrum-G

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