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Yeah I can, use this to replace the avionics file and cockpit files for the bird. Can't help with the FM though. There isn't any range cue or Shoot cue though.


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I'm not giving up, because the ideal solution would be to polish up the Avionics for the F-31A Cockpit. It's has the moving tips of the canards visible, and the correct rear view. I have tried several substitutes in the mean time. Here is what I ended up using for now, if anybody else want's a quick fix.

the new F-16 ones with NV …. they functioned almost perfectly, but the damn Canopy kept opening and shutting in flight.

the F/A-18 ones from 3 different Planes … the "SHOOTCUE" stayed on all the time.

a couple of F-5 ones …. the speed indicator box was empty and the missile lock box was inconsistent.

The best temporary solution I have found is the Canopy from the "EF-2000 EuroFighter _RAF". everything functions as it should, the "SHOOT" indicator in a set of lights on the HUD display mounts, and a circle when in Combat MODE, so there is one. It's a pretty easy swap too. All you need is the "Canopy" folder and the COCKPIT and AVIONICS ini files.


I was going to make another video …. but I kind of like leaving off with that whole "can you help this little Pony"  bit … :)

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Thanks EricJ, but the RAF one works better. that one is practically the same except the range is not displayed. after a couple of minutes you can get used to the yellow. If that's one from a EF-2000, try the RAF one … and see what you think.

The next time I post for a Plane fix … I'm going to pull out a couple of Old Yeller Movie quotes. That Little Pony thing cracks me up.

I feel another video coming on …..

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you might get a laugh out of this ...

I have a temp folder on my desktop called "The F-31A graveyard". That one is a pretty good fix and might help me tweek in the real one so I named it, model EJ1, so it wont get mixed up with all the ones that struck out.


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The one that I found where everything works actually is the EF-2000 RAF one in the Darius Campaign… it's pretty much the same cockpit you picked, slightly better avionics, funny I never noticed it before those cockpits show twin rudders in rear view …. MIG 29s maybe.?

I'm gonna double check and see what's in the most recent EF-2000 update.

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Well the one I picked was the original pit with a working HUD, not much else was in that 7z file, just something to get you flying with a working HUD.  Anyways, I don't think there has been much work on the EF2000 post Op Darius, as most of the players come and go, or come back, then go, or just go. So finding updates is going to realistically going to be hard as if a plane works well, not many people update it.

I don't fly many jets so I don't update as much as most people, and a little surprised I have a working HUD and you don't for your F-31.

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I'm starting to understand little by little experimenting with these avionics. I want to help out, and with so many good Map creators, and Plane Modders here already, if I can get to a point where I can make a working avionics package … then I might be able to contribute too. That's one of the reasons I keep finding the unfinished ones and fiddling with them.

and I like flyin' them too …. 

And I also like Pony's … LOL

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Lol okay

That's always good as my niche is skins, so I keep busy with that. But it's pretty cool wanting to learn the ins and outs, but you may have to get with somebody else who's experienced in avionics to get a leg up on that as I don't do avionics myself. But I recommend you start looking at avionics in real life, and stay away from the classified stuff as you can get into trouble, but it takes research for various things, such as displays. Stuff like the Raptor is just conjecture since nobody has access to the real jet as well as the Mustang, as its not even a real operational plane. But it's always fun like you said, to learn the ins and outs for stuff like that.

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F-31A mod from 2010 ... model and cockpit etc are all by Dels.


The HUD is "missing" several symbols (all tga file stuff) because the game has got new effects in a later

update (2011-2012 or so) which require a new material section in the avionics ini file.


To fix the original avionics ini,

find the [HUD] section and add this line


and then below the [HUD] section the new HUDMaterial section:




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